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  1. Going out on a limb - looking for the buyer of my 2021 GT from Beechmont Ford

    So as the title suggests I'm going out on a limb and looking for the person that purchased my traded in 2021 GT from Beechmont Ford in Ohio. Carbonized Grey base 6spd and had around 6000 or so miles. It has the Ford performance tune installed and I thought that the Ford Procal was in the trunk...
  2. Check your 2022 California Specials

    Just noticed this weekend that my 2022 California special side stripe was incorrectly applied and has started to peel on both sides. Only 400 miles... Easy fix, but also easy to overlook. If you own a CS please take a look at the section circled in my pictures. It's the rear section as it goes...
  3. Rotor damage - Beechmont Ford states this is normal?

    Hi All, Looking to get your opinions on whether you think this is an issue and if so what's caused it. Here's the story so far. I bought the car approximately 4 weeks ago from Beechmont Ford in Ohio with roughly 60 miles on it. At pick up I noticed rust on the rotors but didn't think much...
  4. Ohio Custom seat covers

    $350 (shipped lower 48) Obo - custom black vinyl seat covers. These look really amazing and are phenomenal quality. Unfortunately traded my 21 in for a CS and now longer need these. Absolutely perfect condition with no wear.
  5. Ohio Mach 1 HP wheels and DSW06 Tires

    $2300 OBO - Mach 1 HP Wheels and 285 35 R19 tires. 2,235.3 miles on tires. Love these wheels but decided to go a different direction. Local pickup preferred - 20mins north of Cincinnati in Ohio
  6. Lowering GT on Mach 1 HP wheels?

    Looking for advice on how much I could lower a stock base GT that is on Mach 1 HP wheels? Obviously the wheels have a bit of poke in the front which is what is causing my concern. I would like at least an inch since going with the minimum drop seems like a lot of work for such as small drop...