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    How long do you plan on keeping your S550?

    Not selling or trading it unless I have to or I’m too old or unable to drive it any longer. It’s paid off and there isn’t much else I’d like to replace it with. I’m enjoying not having a car payment. It’s nice to pay the whole insurance premium all at once and not have a monthly insurance...
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    2019 GT Oil Consumption

    Went to the local dealership Friday and ordered 2 PCV valves. One for my 2006 F-150 and one for my 18’ GT. Luckily the GT doesn’t need a heated one like my 5.4L F-150 because those cost $68.00 LOL. Surprised they don’t carry the Mustang GT’s in stock since there pretty cheap and a small item.
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    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    There is a metal box on the outside of the garage with a 10’ cable that you plug into the generator. It is connected to the fuse box on the inside of the garage.
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    2018+ Ford Calibration/Tune Kit in Central Florida?

    Yea I know. Unfortunately I don’t know of anyone for that. I’m a little over 25k miles. So 9k and about 9 months left of the 3/36. Hopefully I won’t have any issues. I refuse to give the dealership $500.00 for a simple install. I only drove it a couple of times since the install and I don’t...
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    What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    I bought a generator in 2017 when the state had a tax break for hurricane preparedness week in June. Hurricane Irma hit in September and I was the only one in my small subdivision with a generator running. My house had a generator hook up outside of the garage. I was able to run everything...
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    Truck tire on highway = broken brake cable mount

    I hate those friggin tire gators. They can get you killed on a motorcycle if your not careful.
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    PP2 Ford Performance Tune

    I installed mine today by myself. Dealer quoted me $500 for the install. I laughed out loud and told them to forget it and walked out. It took me about 90 mins also. The time consuming part was waiting for the stock files to download into the Pro Cal and the performance files from the Pro Cal...
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    2018+ Ford Calibration/Tune Kit in Central Florida?

    Well, I said F*#ck it! and installed the kit my self. Took me about 1 & 1/2 hours. The most time consuming part is waiting for the Pro Cal 4 to receive the stock tune and then down loading the performance tune to the car due to how many files there are.
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    2018+ Ford Calibration/Tune Kit in Central Florida?

    Hello, When I had my 15 GT I had my local Ford dealer in Winter Haven install the FR PP2 and they only charged me $125.00. I went there yesterday to ask how much they would charge to install the Ford calibration/Tune Kit on my 18 GT and they quoted me $500.00. I laughed and walked out. Anyone...
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    GT500 - $10k over msrp

    The suppose the ADM does help you any on resale :)
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    2019 GT Oil Consumption

    Ok thanks for the picture. I’m assuming there’s only 1?
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    2019 GT Oil Consumption

    Anyone have a picture of the PCV located on the 18+ GT’s or where to locate it? Thanks
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    Anybody had issues with replacing front and rear emblems from CJ's?

    Ok cool. Hope they help you out. I’ve done the replace the tape thing on things that were coming off and on brand new stuff where the tape looked like cheap ass tape that would eventually fail. I always have a roll of the wide 3M double sided tape in my tool box. I use it often.
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    Anybody had issues with replacing front and rear emblems from CJ's?

    It might be a cheap version of the double sided tape. 3M sells a automotive grade double sided tape. Take off the emblems that are coming off and peel the old stuff off and put the better 3M tape on it and it should be good.
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    Ford Performance Street Handling pack experience

    Have you tried Steeda?
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    2019 Mustang GT 10 speed

    Did you have it in drive or was it in another mode like (sport +) mode?
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    Annoying automotive trends

    Fake vents like on the Camry’s and Civics. Anything With a CVT transmission. I hate going thru several screens just to adjust the climate control only to go thru several screens again for a radio selection. Over the top spoilers that are on top of other spoilers. Over sized grilles.
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    Just gunna leave this here.

    Who needs a truck lol 😂