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  1. What brand wheels are these

    The +40 offset for the 19x10 wheel matches the spec of the MRR wheel, too.
  2. Mustangs parking by Mustangs - Photos

    A few photo ops from last week's trip from TX to Tail of the Dragon and surrounding areas.
  3. Check on fitment for 285 Square setup

    Maybe it makes a cool noise, like playing cards in bicycle spokes. 😁
  4. Check on fitment for 285 Square setup

    That's why my Steeda wheels have +37 offset. It's perfect. 😀 I'm aware many use up to 5 mm slip-on spacers to fine tune the front fitment. The only thing I didn't know was with +40 offset the spacers might be needed to ensure strut clearance rather than a purely a cosmetic adjustment.
  5. Check on fitment for 285 Square setup

    I am aware it's close but I've seen +35-40 recommended so often here with no caveats that I didn't realize it could be an issue with stock struts.
  6. Is it worth trading a GT for a Mach 1 or GT350?

    A Mach 1 has coolers for the transmission and differential that the GT lacks. And with the handling package it performs closer to a GT350 on the track than a PP1 GT.
  7. Where Have You Guys Gotten Your Coyote Emblems? Stay Away From "coyotebadgeshop"

    I had the same one from coyotebadgeshop. It was fine until I wiped it with detail spray. It turned the white yellow like yours. Otherwise it stayed in good shape for 3 years. No peeling or chips, etc. I recently replaced it with their newer version. They supposedly changed the coating.
  8. Should I Trade my 2008 GT 500 for a MACH 1

    I'm 63 and enjoy tearing around on twisty roads in my S550 and will likely do a track day or two in the near future. However, I sometimes think ahead to when I'm a little older and I would love a nice S197 GT500 for car shows. I think your decision comes down to how badly you want/need the...
  9. Check on fitment for 285 Square setup

    I completely understand wanting to make sure to get it right, but it appeared from your OP that you had been told by others that it would rub. That's what surprised me. Sounds like you'll have a great setup!
  10. Check on fitment for 285 Square setup

    I always wonder where this idea comes from. Owners of older Mustangs? A square setup with 285 tires on 10 inch width wheels with +35 to +40 offset is very commonly run and talked about by members of this forum. Apex has a very good reputation and would not sell you a setup that rubs if they know...
  11. 285/35/20 vs 285/35/19

    That's only if you're running a thinner sidewall on the 20s. In the OP's example it's the same so there shouldn't be a ride quality difference.
  12. What wheel setup do you suggest?

    I don't own an S650 but my understanding is wheels that fit on the S550 also fit fine on the S650. You could go to the mustang7g.com site and ask there for confirmation.
  13. What wheel setup do you suggest?

    Yes, RTR Tech 7 and Tech 5s are popular choices. I would go with 275/40. The 275/35s are smaller diameter than stock and will look small and increase wheel gap.
  14. Daily Driver Square Tire Setup

    A friend of mine used to run 20x10 square with 285/35r20 tires on his '15 GT. Like the 275/40r19 setup, it fills the wheel well better than 285/35r19.
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed an MMD splitter. Since my car is not a PP1, I had to swap out the belly pan as well.
  16. Running Non-OE Tires? Looking For Feedback!

    I don't remember. I need to get motivated enough to dig out the Discount Tire receipts.
  17. Running Non-OE Tires? Looking For Feedback!

    1. 2019 Mustang GT currently running General GMAX RS in front and Continental ECS 02 in the rear. 2. I chose the GMAX RS because of the price, good reviews, and a previous positive experience with the GMAX AS-05 on another vehicle. 3. Yes. 4. Yes. I replaced the rear pair of GMAX RS with the...