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    Black lugs for PP1 wheels

    ford performance parts wheel nuts m-1012-n these are open steel nuts which work great especially if you have extended arp studs.
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    Safe and Smart Package on the Track

    to each his own. i'd pay extra to not have safe and smart. fwiw, i've never used the auto headlights
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    Where'd this come off of?

    i think it holds carpet in place behind the accelerator. mine popped out a couple times. i opted to leave it out rather than gluing it back
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    Swollen Lug Nuts?

    fms-m-1012-n open end are $12 for 5 at summit
  5. 3pdl

    Ford Performance Lug Nuts

    fms-m-1012-n open end are $12 for 5
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    shoe horning 11's

    thanks for the quick reply. that thread has lots of info for sure. when i read it i sometimes wondered if magneride struts have the same constraints as non magneride struts.
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    shoe horning 11's

    i am about to pull the trigger on 4 sve s350 19x11's for a pp1 w magneride. this will be mostly for autox and some hpde. looking at re-71r's in 305/30. i understand camber plates, wheel spacers, longer studs, and open lugs are required up front. for camber plates i love the vorschlag but i'm...
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    For sale 2015 Shelby GT350 Rims

    looks like a great deal. do you know what they weigh? my lousy research skills are coming up short
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    Cross country road trip prep

    in addition to all the fine suggestions i'd add the north rim of the grand canyon. it is unspeakably amazing. also, mesa verde, arches, zion, and bryce canyon are all worth the effort of visiting.
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    OEM refurbished wheels

    anyone know what the 19x10 pp1 replica weighs?
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    Adding hood hinge shocks?

    california pony cars eng-157-635 have worked great for my '19. no cutting necessary. no pinched hoses. no complaints.
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    SCCA F-Street Setup. What's Everyone Done so Far?

    thanks for all the replies. fwiw i registered for the next event under stu which, to my reading of the rules allows for my mods. i don't want to compete with disqualifying mods. stu allows 285 width tires so a set of 19x10 sve sp2's is in my future. also, camber plates.
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    SCCA F-Street Setup. What's Everyone Done so Far?

    my 1st autocross was a blast. placed 2nd in fs behind a '19 m5 competition. awd ok in fs? there was some protest about a 617hp awd card being classed fs and it made me wonder about my classification. i glanced the rules. i drive a pp1 with magneride and active exhaust and recaros. mods...
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    Where are your next events?

    autocross feb 23 in hampton ga
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    Where are your next events?

    2 days of hpde at atlanta motorsports park with jti in april
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    Why are Guards Green's so expensive?

    its the only color that beats magnetic.
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    Track day number plates

    11 or 111 and painter's tape
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    i wanted a pp2 but got a pp1 (w/ magneride) because it only clears the steep ascent up my driveway by less than 1/2". Even without the long splitter, i doubt the pp2 would clear the pavement. i am very interested in this kit. how difficult would it be to shim the stiffer springs to maintain...
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    General question about jacking up the Mustang

    shipping weight for both rails is 15.14 lbs