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  1. How to Enable Heated/Cooled Seats - All Models

    I'm installing heated and cooled seats in a 2023... I'm guessing I have a 2019 seat with the newer memory module. I think I read in post a couple pages back no by passes are needed.... What about can bus? That still needs to be fed to the seat correct?
  2. Clunk / Rattle Right Rear Suspension

    I think my Koni Active specials are doing the same thing... had them on the car for 6 months w/ 5k on them. They now ride like a fairly tight Coilover....
  3. Noise "clunk" after billet shock mounts..

    Literally just experienced this problem. My passenger mount is making the noise you described.... 1. Holes in the mount are several sizes larger then the bolts that support them. If I hit a bump only on the passenger side the noise happens otherwise it's silent...A huge improvement but didn't...