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  1. ThreeFiveO

    GT350R vs BMW M2 CS (my overnight internet crush)

    Ok I’ll bite. Bimmerpost is nowhere near as fun as you guys. Thrust for days but I’d be lying if I said I don’t miss the 350.
  2. ThreeFiveO

    Completely new to Ford

    I picked up a new M5 a year ago and have to agree. Two different cars on almost every level. 350 was a windows down symphony of flat plane crank. Outstanding grip, great track car. M5 is a luxo sledge hammer with few rivals. Dizzying accelration with a first class interior. Hard to believe it...
  3. ThreeFiveO

    New ADM record??? 100K markup!

    Alice n Chains for sure Hack. Soundgarden is my jam.
  4. ThreeFiveO

    New ADM record??? 100K markup!

    I’ve hung out on here for five years or so and have come to notice that through all the bickering and bs @Epiphany finds a way to make lemonade out of lemons in any thread. Keep up the good work!
  5. ThreeFiveO

    New ADM record??? 100K markup!

    Like most great musicians Bruce should stfu when it comes to politics. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve paid to see not preach.
  6. ThreeFiveO

    Selling GT350R for new Porsche 718 Spyder?

    Great write up. Car looks good. Saw you on Hwy9 South today at Francis about noon. Enjoy!
  7. ThreeFiveO

    Cinderella Boy At Augusta...

    Great big gobs of greasy grimey gopher guts.
  8. ThreeFiveO

    so many used 2020 GT500's are for sale now...seems odd to me, 76 of them posted on Autotrader alone.

    Always have to chuckle at the dick measuring on here. Like no one else can afford a six figure mustang.
  9. ThreeFiveO

    New 2020 GT350 HEP engine failure

    Really hate it for you Sam. Hope they make it right for you. Beautiful car.
  10. ThreeFiveO

    2020 Shelby GT350 Engine Replacement (Dropped Valve)

    Agreed Jeff. Definitely not directed towards you. Directed towards those who seem to brush the issue off as if it were not a big deal. It’s a great car and I was fortunate enough to enjoy 4 trouble free years with one.
  11. ThreeFiveO

    2020 Shelby GT350 Engine Replacement (Dropped Valve)

    My 350 was awesome for the four years I owned it. Slight oil consumption and build quality was good. Panel alignment was a little off near the headlights and trunk. All in all a great 4 years. Was I nervous about going past the 5th year of powertrain warranty, hell yes. I try not to believe...
  12. ThreeFiveO

    Price check 2020 gt350

    Got to have Recaros. Anything else in a car like this is blasphemy.
  13. ThreeFiveO

    Selling GT350R for new Porsche 718 Spyder?

    Nice ride neighbor. I’ll be on the look out for that one. Congrats
  14. ThreeFiveO

    2020 GT500 Races BMW M8 Competition From Dig and Roll

    I stand corrected. I didn’t realize the M8 had run 2.5 to 60 and 1/4 mile at 10.7 in July. I had previously only seen 3.0 to 60. Pretty quick to say the least. The best M5 time published was a base (non comp) version that ran 2.8 to 60 and 1/4 mile at 10.9. Again pretty quick especially for a sedan.
  15. ThreeFiveO

    2020 GT500 Races BMW M8 Competition From Dig and Roll

    While the M8 is fast, the M5 is faster and much cheaper. It's easy to look at these highly optioned prices and conclude that there is a 100k difference. In reality the fastest M can be had very close to 100k. Few will cross shop the 500 vs an M car but both are very good at what they were built...
  16. ThreeFiveO

    Real spare tire for the 2020 GT500

    I did a 350 spare back in the day. Lost 3” of trunk height but worth it. Fast forward 4 1/2 years and had Modernspare do a 6” wide kit for my M5 and X7. Actually the same wheel for both cars but a different spacer used. $350 per kit. I’m not sure if they do a gt500 kit but they didn’t do an M5...
  17. ThreeFiveO

    Paging KiloBravo

    Salute! I’m working on the m43 as we speak
  18. ThreeFiveO

    Paging KiloBravo

    Speaking my language Tomster. Any Founders will do. A quick check of my garage frig. Founders left, don't ask in the middle, M-43 on the right.:)
  19. ThreeFiveO

    Paging KiloBravo

    Thumbs up on the space dust. If you're an ipa head try Trim Tab's "helix rising" or even better try Old National's "M-43".