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  1. MagneticGT15

    Limited Time LMR Discount Code

    Any new coupon code?
  2. MagneticGT15

    Forum discount?

    Forum discount please?
  3. MagneticGT15

    SOLD DSS 800HP Axles & DriveShaft SOLD

    Do you still have the half shafts?
  4. MagneticGT15

    July 4th Whipple Sales Event - Free Installation!

    Any chance you would offer the same deal on the Roush TVS you sell? Thanks
  5. MagneticGT15

    Which supercharger to get?

    I'm confused with understanding why the Roush sc wouldn't be overwritten by the sctx4? I have the SCTx4 and planned on buying the Roush supercharger and using both. Can't I just get a tune file? Any help? I'm about to pull the trigger and buy but now wondering if the Roush one is good enough...
  6. MagneticGT15

    Magnetic owners: what cosmetic mods have you done on the side aside from wheels?

    Roush front fascia, rear spoiler, cervini's hood, MMD Foose upper scoops with Roush side scoops, Eibach sport lines
  7. MagneticGT15

    Widest tires on the 20" Foundry/GT Premium wheels?

    I have 285's on mine and they look fine but need more rubber out back as I am putting on a roush TVS. Really wanted these wheels to stay on the car so I ordered the black foundry 20x10's for the rear from AM and getting them powder coated magnetic on the inlays to match. Going with a 305 on the...
  8. MagneticGT15

    Nitto NT555 G2

    anyone running the 315 35 20's with eibach sport line on and is there any rubbing?
  9. MagneticGT15

    Forum discount?

    Hi Alex, can I get a discount please? Thanks
  10. MagneticGT15

    Mach 1 style hood?

    Sorry if this has already been asked or addressed, but didn't see anything. But has anyone seen or heard of any shaker hood kits for the 15-16 GT's? I really enjoyed the shaker on my '03 Mach 1. Or a twin duct hood like the early 70's style Mach would look good. I've seen renderings of the twin...
  11. MagneticGT15

    Roush fascia install pics

    If my car was in an accident, my insurance company could still see what's on the car. Or what's left of it. Lol. They will typically replace what was on the car in like kind. I asked on a previous car and that's what I was told by my agent anyway. At the very least, keeping ahold of the...
  12. MagneticGT15

    Roush fascia install pics

    I plan on selling my magnetic gt fascia but just have it stored for now
  13. MagneticGT15

    Roush fascia install pics

    Kybher, How much lower did your eibach springs lower your car? And are you happy with the ride and everything? After putting the roush bumper on, noticed it sets higher than the stock fascia. Still worth it but needs to be dropped a bit now
  14. MagneticGT15

    Roush fascia install pics

    Looks good! I just put mine on yesterday. Took longer than the 1 1/2 hours they say but glad I did it