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  1. 2018 Digital Dash MPG Reading

    Hmm... i just can’t seem to find it. I can scroll through 3 screens but I don’t see MPG. I’m probably just being dumb.
  2. 2018 Digital Dash MPG Reading

    I might be missing it but I can’t seem to find a way for the digital dash to display the MPG readout like the non-digital dash does. It seems like it’s just not an option on the digital dash. That would be a pretty big oversight, but something they could add through updates later.
  3. Cars you parked next too...

    If. I have to park near any cars, I tend to park next to a cheaper car. In my experience someone with an old Honda is much less likely to slam their door into my car than some rich asshole driving a Mercedes. I know when I had my old beater I’d always be much more careful pulling out or next to...
  4. Meet T’Challa

    Got my 2018 in on Tuesday, but had minor surgery so couldn’t drive or get any real pictures out until today. Going 0-30 MPH has never been this fun. Got the active Exhaust and its amazing. Neighbors have already commented on the difference in the morning and it’s a big wow factor for people to...
  5. 2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    Mine had 15. If it had the A10 then, regardless of what Ford wants to admit, it had to have the recall downloaded, applied, and tested before releasing them for shipment. This involved driving the vehicle from storage to where patch was applied and then driven to confirm the update was installed...
  6. 2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    Just Delivered! Total Discounts: ~$2600 Xplan $750 private Cash $1500 local incentive $500 Military Cash Incentive $5300 total
  7. 2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    Just a shout out to all people who have not picked up their order yet. My $750 private cash expired, but was able to get another one sent by entering my info in the trade in value estimator on the build site. I put in info for a fake trade in and it sent me a $750 private cash offer with the...
  8. 2019 Bullitt Mustang Officially Revealed at NAIAS!

    Just spoke to a dealer about the Bullit while finishing details to pick up my 2018. Their order manager indiciated a $53k sticker with $17k mark up. He also indicated that was on the low end with a $25k markup in bigger cities like Charlotte.
  9. Butt hurt 15-17 owners come on in!

    The only 1's the 2018 are pulling are 11.x
  10. 2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    You're right in Charleston with me and I'm kinda glad my delivery was delayed because I didn't want all that salt they threw on the roads to touch my new vehicle! Snow like that once every 30 years and it happens when Mustangs are delivered!!!
  11. 2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    My dealer says my vehicle is in Greenville, SC right now and ours were produced same week and shipped on the same convoy. Thats right near Simpsonville so you have get your vehicle sooner than next monday.
  12. The Costco price

    Xplan should get you the $1500 discount plus xplan pricing which is invoice and likely to be a better discount than $500. The added benefit being dealer fees are capped at $199
  13. The Costco price

    Just check the website , if your already a Costco member, and it will allow you to “build” your vehicle with rather exact prices that matched my DORA. These include msrp and invoice price which is pretty nice for reasearch reason. However, they apparently have certain agreements with brands in...
  14. 2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    Each region is granted a specific cash back amount based on factors like previous sales numbers rin existing inventory. Your area may be $1000 while others may get more.
  15. Butt hurt 15-17 owners come on in!

    If you’re not upset now why would you think a 2018 owner would be in the same situation 2 years from now? That’s specious reasoning, unless you’re saying you actually are butt hurt.
  16. December 2017 Mustang Sales

    Imagine what Jan/Feb 2018 numbers will be when they deliver on the retail orders.
  17. 2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    Yea but I had $1500 worth of Xplan incentives expire and a $750 private cash that they are giving me the indications they wont accept now. Going to have to strong arm them to match or honor the difference when added to the 1/3/2018 incentives
  18. 2018 Mustang Orders Placed Thread (Vote/Share Here)

    Ordered 8/3 and EDD was 1/9/2018. Just got moved to 1/19/2018. Terrible customer service. Now they are trying to not honor certain incentives because they expire before vehicle is delivered. Might be cancelling my order. Bootlegger ordered in the same city just a different dealer and he has had...