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  1. Best Wheel Options for Mach 1

    I love the look and finish of these PP1 luster nickels on a Mach1. Only saw one other car for sale a while back with these on it (Velocity Blue). Any fitment issues?
  2. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    These look outstanding, where are they from??
  3. The more I see the S650s, the more I know I've had my last Mustang for the foreseeable future

    I work for a Ford dealer. I have sat in a 54K GT premium and ran thought the screens. What kills me is that on the display over the steering wheel you cannot blank out the center. I mean on the Mach1 display you can add up to 3 gauges in color or have the center area blank. The 2024 makes you...
  4. New wheels on a new Mach 1. Need opinions please. TY

    Excellent wheel choice !! If you bring the Mach1 to Carlisle I will know who drove all the way from Canada and will certainly say hello.
  5. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    Thank you very much for the info. The new photos look great.
  6. What did you do to your Mach 1 today

    These look great and are one of the most creative ideas i have seen. I am familiar with Bemaro website/products but I cant find this decal, only the windshield banner. Do you have a full on side shot that we can see? Love the ghost effect.
  7. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Wow, what artistry in selecting a unique background for the photo. Already is my screen saver and agian i cant thank you enough for these!
  8. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Johnny, Thank you so very much, that is exactly what I was looking for! I am partial to a silver wheel and think the Mach1 looks great with this option. If you could kindly do the other picture as well I will have something to keep as an inspiration untill i can get one myself!
  9. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Could anyone please make these wheels silver...
  10. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    I like silver wheels on a white car.... my 2015 GT...
  11. S650 vs S550 Mustang Direct Comparison Prediction Look Rendering

    I think it looks like a modern version of the original S197 (05-09), which is NOT one of my favorite Mustangs. I loved the 2010 refresh, though many did not. We will see.
  12. Mach 1 fashion faux pas? Need to know whether I’m upgrading or butchering my car

    Wow, I absolutely love the silver wheel look on this mach1 (especially this Velocity Blue) For my taste the grey or dark tarnished wheels on certain colors like this blue look mismatched or off. I would love to see the upgraded non HP Magnetic wheels in the silver finish on any mach1.
  13. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    That is great work, thanks for doing this.
  14. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Thank you so much, I like the look. Can the wheels be shown in a brighter silver color? ...
  15. ALL Photoshop Requests Thread

    Could someone please make these base Mach1 wheels in a silver finish? Thanks in advance...
  16. Window Sticker

    Bob, here it is...
  17. Real Bucket List - Mach 1 Track Attack - Heavy Heart

    Well I held out until the final song to start crying. He was one year older than I am. Truly sorry and thank you so much for sharing!!! Makes me more detemined to somehow try to afford a new Mach1 one day, and I really like the TO color now. It snuck up on me.
  18. Window Sticker

    J , here it is, love that yellow metallic color...
  19. Window Sticker

    Here is yours...
  20. Window Sticker

    Sorry, not available yet, usually a week or so before the build date...