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  1. Premium vs Regular gas for track day

    I am thinking the $7.50 per tank estimate is more accurate. Then how many tanks do you go through? Between the high fuel consumption at the track, and getting to and from the track, I can easily use 5 tanks. What I do: I use regular on the street. I use premium for competition, but probably...
  2. Seat recommendation for dual purpose car

    Is mounting the OEM Recaros lower an option? I ran aftermarket Recaro Speed recliners, look pretty close to the non leather GT Recaros (note the GT350 Recaros are much narrower, too narrow for me). IIRC these are 20 lbs lighter per seat without airbags, but I never found a way to disable the...
  3. RIP Camaro

    Odd I didn't notice much difference. I am a long torso 6'4", and in both cars my head is jammed into the roof, and I have to recline the seats a bit too much to fit reasonably well. But the Camaro has better steering feel (which the new S650 seems to have made worse), and the 1LE is (was) the...
  4. Track Setup for Mach 1 - What Wheel/Tire Combo can you recommend?

    You are giving up a lot of performance if you shift at 4.2K. Yes it may have higher torque at that RPM, but the torque to the wheels will be higher in a lower gear (with more torque multiplication) at higher RPM. There is a reason F1 cars used to rev to 18,000 rpm, and it wasn't to maximize...
  5. Seat Options

    Yes, you really have to go with aftermarket seats and mounts to go lower. The GT350 Recaros are also substantially narrower than the standard seats or GT Recaros. Which is an issue if you are Big & Tall rather than tall and skinny. With airbag equipped seats this is more complicated than in...
  6. Rationale for choosing Ecoboost HPP over GT?

    The OP was asking which car to buy. Or asking US to tell him what car to drive. I love it when people ASK for opinions, then get mad because they don't like the opinions they get.
  7. Bringing Wheels to the Track

    There is not a lot of random people at the typical track day. We almost all have tires and tools that we have to leave when we are on track. So we look out for each other. If it makes you feel better, say hello to your paddock neighbors and ask them to watch your stuff when you are on track...
  8. Recommendation: Best Street Tires?

    That's because of all the gold they cost. My first thought was Firestone Firehawks. Which maybe not as good as the Michelin Pilot Sports, they cost a lot less and provide better value for money. On the street in normal driving I couldn't tell the difference. Though the Michelins are a bit...
  9. i can’t be the only one who runs regular in a GT right?

    Wow, I am only getting 450hp? How will I maintain 80 mph on the freeway getting to work? Oh yeah, that only takes 20 hp. If you're not using full throttle at the time, you don't need that extra 10 hp, so why not save 20%? Go to the track, fill it with premium. And if you ARE using full...
  10. 345 Rear Tires and 285 Front?

    But the OP is not talking about 285/305, he's is talking 285/345. So ignoring the xost of the wheels and tires.he want to spend $10k in supsnsion and/or.body mods to make his car significantly slower. Unless he spends another $50k to get a Corvette/Viper weight distribution
  11. 345 Rear Tires and 285 Front?

    Big rear tires + small front tires = lots of understeer Getting 345's on the back is gonna take some work as well.
  12. Fighter Jet Grey vs Iconic Silver

    While grey has been the hot color for a number of years, I find it boring. And the hot colors eventually go out of style. Which might actually hurt resale value. But if you want your sports car to match your dad's pickup truck, and your mom's SUV, it's a good choice.
  13. Taller tires

    Tire selection sucks at the stock diameter. It just gets worse trying to go bigger. This is why most people end up fitting shorter tires. But for grip, tire compound and construction are going to matter more than aspect ratio/sidewall height. P.S. Isn't Vegas dry & hot? I wouldn't think...
  14. Thinking of going from a GTPPP to a GT350, not SRSBSNS but will autocross - input?

    We just talked about camber. Which is a significant advantage for those cars. Street still outlaws updating/backdating right? Which means those 5% of Mustangs get to run camber plates, but no one else does. Or are they ruling the Camber plates as "trunk kits", given they typically are NOT...
  15. GT vs GT350, Thoughts?

    What do you want the car for? On a road course the GT350 will be better. With a '16, you want a car with the Track Pack. On '17+ cars it became standard. On a drag strip, the Supercharged GT might be better. The aftermarket is full of cars that don't live up to their performance claims...
  16. 2015-17 Performance Pack elements

    If all the European cars are PP, and this car was a PP, why would you assume it was repaired with non PP parts? If all European cars are PP, they probably don't have non PP parts in Europe.
  17. Anyone else wanna see a return of boss 302?

    Bring back the GT350, call it a Pinto and sell it at a good price and I'll buy one tommorow. It is the car, equipment and capabilities that matter, not the name. I wasn't a fan of the PP2, but most of that was not because it had a stupid name, but because it was a semi track special that was...
  18. Tread wear vs width

    Doesn't seem like just street use is what he has in mind.
  19. Tread wear vs width

    Actually, it will be less. Look at the manufacturer recommendations. As the side wall gets taller, the minimum recommended wheel width tends to get narrower.
  20. Tread wear vs width

    Because most of them are old. It's the equivalent of a SN95 vs a S550. Also note, most are not 200TW. In modern tires, 200TW is code for competition ready street tire. Most are as good as the original R compound tires, back when they actually had tread.