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  1. 15% off whipple, paxton, vortech and a chance at a full refund!!

    Does this include VMP Odin kits?
  2. New Mexico McLeod Rxt Clutch

    Why did you remove the clutch so soon? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Wheels of Fortune - Signature Wheels

    Sweet. How do we see the price list? Are you guys doing the cobra logo center caps as well? Thanks
  4. Wheels of Fortune - Signature Wheels

    Has the BF sale started yet?
  5. Rear Seat Delete... holy high priced mat batman....

    I have an R and I need rear seats. I’d be interested in trading my stock R delete for rear seats. I’m in Nashville if anyone is close to me.
  6. Massachusetts GT350R "R" Billet Aluminum Emblems - Race Red

    Dibs! I’ll take them. Do they need new adhesive? DM me to settle up
  7. Wheels of Fortune - Signature Wheels

    DM for price quotes sent.
  8. Custom Forged - GT7-R - Shelby GT350R OE Style Wheels - 2-3 Weeks Built Time

    Can you DM me some pricing on a 19" and 20" R spec set in brushed aluminum or gloss black. I have a lead foot grey R and I'm looking for a new set of wheels to daily. Thanks
  9. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Can anyone recommend a tire shop that will install new tires on my 350R? I'm in Murfreesboro and no one in the area will change my tires.. I've used the Hunter website to find shops that have the revolution system and no one has said yes yet.. I may just buy a set of Signature wheels to...