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  1. Any 18-19 GT with MBRP street cat back..

    I ran this on my 15 GT and was happy with them, how is fitment and quality for the 18-19. I ran my 19 stock with M/T DRs and did 11.78 @119.91 at DA +1,100 ft Getting ready to order Thanks
  2. First pass stock 19 A10 11.82 & Raced next to my son RBS550

    It`s been 12 years since my last 1/4 mile pass after 40 years of Mustang drag racing starting 1968.Friday 2/15/19 I got to me up with my son RBS550 at Orlando Speed World for the first pass on our 2019 GT, it was like old times racing with him! The only thing missing was my daughter and her...
  3. Ordered 19 GT A10 Priority code 10 ?

    Oder was placed today 10/1/18 GT - A10- 301A - 3:55 gears dealer said they put it on priority code 10 is that good or bad? Was told 6 to 8 weeks with my options. Thanks
  4. Base lower rear Bumper paint (pic)

    I will probably get flamed for this but I did use Plasti Dip in case I did not like it but it was my first time to use Dip. I will say I am happy with the out come, I did use 1/4 inch fine line tape for the curve area and worked great (2nd pic):cheers:
  5. SOLD! Steeda Pro Flow 5.0 CAI #555-3193

    Less than 200 miles on Steeda ProFlow CIA No tune with removable insert for larger tube with tune #555-3193 works perfect like new Price new $394 asking $285 local pickup only in Port St Lucie Fl 34983 Thanks
  6. RBS550 1,200 miles to NMRA Fl (Pic`s)

    A few pics of my son RBS550 leaving MI snow.. sleet & rain today for a 1,220 mile road trip pulling a trailer (again) to NMRA races in Fl.And No those are not snow tires..DR`S:eyebulge: Plus A pic where he was also spotted earlier today by a member of facebook site 2015-2016 Mustang S550 Group...
  7. First Mod.. Thanks Team Beef Cake!

    Now that we have 23 miles on our new Mustang it is time for the first mod, Monday at 3pm I call Team Beef Cake for MBRP cat back and WOW it was on my front porch delivered today 48 hours later from Ohio to south Fl! If I was 10 years younger I`d be under the car now for the install but I may...