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  1. Could it be my O2 sensors on the way out?

    Here's a second video of my sensors. It back fires pretty loud that's cause I have an exhaust and I'm guessing I'm running a little on the rich side. I'm wondering if it might've busted my cats :/
  2. Could it be my O2 sensors on the way out?

    Hello Guys, It's been a while I haven't been on the forum. I have a quick question about an issue I have with my car. I know this is a Mustang forum (I still have my Mustang. Well, the wife has it lol). Anyways, today I'm here cause I have an issue with my Camaro and their forum sucks. I can't...
  3. 2014 downpipes on 2016 compatible?

    I wish Amazon had it :/ Thanks though.
  4. 2014 downpipes on 2016 compatible?

    Hi! I've been away for a few from this forum due to busy life lately. Anyways, I'd like to replace my cats and I was wondering if the downpipes from the 2014 Mustang would go on my 2016? Here's what I'm looking at...
  5. Bad O2 sensors?

    Hey guys, I'm still trying to figure some stuff out with my car. I changed my spark plugs and somewhat the power of my car came back. However, I still feel it's missing a little bit of power. My MPG is better than before but it's still going down more than it used to be. I took a look at my O2...
  6. WTT DiabloSport Intune I2

    Hey guys, My car is out of warranty so I don't need to use a tuner like Diablosport anymore. I'm looking to trade it for an SCT tuner. I'd like to try the MPT tune on my V6. Let me know if you're interested. My Diablosport is unmarried already. :cheers: Thanks! StangATX.
  7. Catless and CEL...?

    Alrighty, Tomorrow I'm gonna change my spark plugs. I was looking at getting Iridium. I found those Denso 4719 Twin Tip (Iridium). It seems that they come with a .040 gap. However, I looked at the Motorcraft SP-520 and it looks like they come with a .050 gap. I checked on the manual and it says...
  8. Catless and CEL...?

    That's what I was thinking as well. However, I don't have any miss-fire or anything... I heard I can't gap iridium/platinum plugs so I never really looked into a tool for it.
  9. Catless and CEL...?

    Thanks for your tips! I removed 2 spark plugs out of 6 quickly before to go to work. What do you think about it? (They have 78K). Also, I heard it could be my upstream O2 sensors. Could it be possible even without a CEL? The car runs great when cold but when it warms up it's a total sloth lol...
  10. Catless and CEL...?

    Alrighty, I found a way to get rid off the CEL. However, Before I proceed to get my cats out I'd like to know if anyone recommend trying something else? I'm still kinda surprise for 74K miles my cats are shots... I pretty much have all the symptoms of a bad catalytic converter. Bad smell, loss...
  11. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    Just sent you a PM :thumbsup::) PS: Forgot to mention in the PM. Make sure to know which generation is your HU. 1st gen or 2nd gen!
  12. Official Tesla-Style Head Unit

    I showed him another trick:D. I actually keep in touch with @Marvinmadman lol. I sent him a video of a little apk that I built to bypass the password without having to install a 3rd party Launcher.
  13. really bad millage

    For the fuel trim I will have to check it out with my OBD. I'll report to you back once I'll check. For the 2nd evap (It's not really an evap) it's the canister where the charcoal is but it has a sensor/valve kinda thing. Also, when I replaced my EVAP I noticed that when I put my pinky inside...
  14. Catless and CEL...?

    Hello guys! I have a quick question for y'all (I know, I know, Again! :D). I'm having some trouble with my car (As usual lol). I have a lose of power when flooring it. It's not jerking or anything but I stinks pretty bad and I can see my fuel gauge going down. I don't have any CEL but I'm...
  15. really bad millage

    I didn't hear any sound whenever I removed the tube. Also, It should take effect a soon as you replaced it. Try to disconnect it and drive like that for a few miles/day. I unplugged mine for 2-3 days before to receive the part. Right now I have another issue as well. I'm loosing power from time...
  16. really bad millage

    Keep us posted!
  17. really bad millage

    I was doing an average of 20mpg on highway at 70mph on Cruse. Now I'm at 29-31 sometimes 28.X if the road is a little inclined. I also see it by my fuel gauge. It's not going down like crazy anymore lol. Before it felt like I had a V8 and always flooring it until I run out of gas lmao. PS...
  18. really bad millage

    Well, the new EVAP fixed my issue so far... I'll keep an eye on it this weekend! Maybe take a look at a new replacement. It took me less than 5 mins to do the swap! the bolts are 8mm :thumbsup:
  19. [Help] Could this be the reason why?

    Well, the new EVAP fixed my issue so far... I'll keep an eye on it this weekend!
  20. really bad millage

    No problem keep me posted! I just filled up my tank tonight and It's really cold outside (1C) so it doesn't really have any vapor yet. I went home and my MPG was like before. I even drove it in Sport and floored it a few time and my gas didn't move. I'm sure it's the EVAP system:hail: