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  1. WD Pro

    Trickle chargers

    Here’s what I did : WD :like:
  2. WD Pro

    Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    Thanks :like: I’m not counting my chickens just yet with the paintwork - I’m sure I will find more when I really get into the detail, but initial impression is very good and a walk around the car is encouraging. The 55 I looked at in the showroom had flaws on it that could be seen from two car...
  3. WD Pro

    How much polyfill

    Yes, it’s been quite useful up to now - it’s carried a birthday cake and my front number plate, if I got pulled off the coppers perhaps I could have showed the the plate and bribed them with cake ... :cwl: I did have my eye on the net bag from ford (I sourced the USA part number) and then by...
  4. WD Pro

    Am I Missing Something (Flat Kit) ?

    Thanks all, just to confirm following your responses : Yes, it’s hiding on the underside thank you :like: I might see if I can source the triangle:like: Use by date is January 2025 :like: Cheers, WD:like:
  5. WD Pro

    How much polyfill

    You guys spooked me with the trim ring on the B&O system, I defo didn’t want to break it ... It is possible to remove it without breaking or marking anything. If you remove the box you can see the six securing pins and their position relative to the sub securing screws is a fixed relationship...
  6. WD Pro

    Velossa Tech BIG MOUTH pictures

    Old version (Rev 2) bigmouth in a 2020 (no mods) : WD :like:
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    Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    Ctek battery connection added, took the opportunity to cover the terminals in battery pole grease after looking at some of the horror corrosion pictures on here : I’m not even going to guess how many photos it took to catch the LED flashing : Wasn’t looking forward to this job : Easier...
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    PDF for ring & pinion replacement available ?

    99% sure I have one saved in pdf on my work pc and that I found it on here :like: I’m back in work on Tuesday, give us a nudge if your not sorted by that time :like: WD :like:
  9. WD Pro

    Am I Missing Something (Flat Kit) ?

    I have the compressor, but that’s it : Should I have any sealant and what should go in the slot at the top of the T shaped moulding ? Cheers, WD :like:
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    4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    Modem on 2020 UK spec car : One multi plug and one coax going to it. Apologies if this is duplicated info, I’ve only skimmed the later pages of this thread :like: WD :like:
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    Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    More cheap tat from eBay, the brackets were painted in super troll prior to putting them on : Plenty cavity wax in these doors ... I found where they put the modem on the 2020’s : That was whilst putting in the sequencers from exotic pony mods, you can see where I’ve secured the...
  12. WD Pro

    Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    Both from eBay, I will find you the item numbers. I only bought one key cover as I wasn’t sure it would fit but it does - I couldn’t find the correct button pattern, but it will do. I will buy another now I know it fits :like: Hang fire on the nut covers. I bought three different sets between...
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    Sutton 808bhp Stang review

    So is that a GPF equipped car ... ? WD :like:
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    Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    There’s a good reason I don’t do selfies, but pick up day (yesterday) defo deserves stupid grin ... :cwl: The dealer let me take the car with no plates on (yes officer, I temporarily displayed them to get home) and that gave me the opportunity to fix the rear on central and level with the...
  15. WD Pro

    Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    The new type is only just at the 3D model stage, I think we will see prototypes soon (there is a thread on here with the development) :like: WD :like:
  16. WD Pro

    Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    It’s the only old type. It slotted straight in but it isn’t perfect, they have a dedicated 18+ version coming out soon with the matching drivers side. It’s the drivers side that’s always been the bigger problem on the facelift due to the bracing. Sat in the dealers now, it’s pick up day ...
  17. WD Pro

    Rock chips in front of rear wheel. Suggestions.

    Anchor Room sells exactly the kit you are looking for - I have mine here ready for install :like: WD:like:
  18. WD Pro

    Ford Sync V3.4 official update

    I've just downloaded and ford have now updated the lst file to include the 'delay' modification :like: WD :like:
  19. WD Pro

    Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    Yeah I'm not overly happy about it but at least I got the opportunity to do the grill pony correctly (with the proper fasteners rather than the break of and glue in method) and modify the grill / fit the big mouth etc. To be fair, if I hadn't been all over the delivery and the dealer with...
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    Favour - 2018+ Engine Cover

    It’s close enough - thank you :like: WD:like: