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  1. dwalker

    Ford Performance Lowerings Springs on GT350

    Nope I didn’t swap anything else, just bolted them right up. Don’t have any rubbing issues at all.
  2. dwalker

    Anyone else have a Mustang family?

    haha! I was trying to see what the photographer wanted me to do (speed up or slow down) lol
  3. dwalker

    Anyone else have a Mustang family?

    My GT350, my dad’s Red Candy 2013 GT, and my little brothers black 2014 GT....
  4. dwalker

    Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    When I started my new job back in October, I was given the task of converting a room in the warehouse into an office for myself and I used a set of those cabinets for storage mostly and they are actually pretty good quality for the price. I got mine straight from the NewAge Products website and...
  5. dwalker

    Preview: Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signal Housings!

    The smoked version is the perfect look :thumbsup:
  6. dwalker

    Preview: Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signal Housings!

    Finally had a chance to put mine in recently and I love them. Exactly what Ford should have done from the factory. Glad to hear these are back up and going just in case I have an issue with mine
  7. dwalker

    Preview: Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signal Housings!

    Haven’t had a chance to install yet, hopefully sometime this weekend though
  8. dwalker

    Preview: Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signal Housings!

    Score!! Thanks @DeepImpact 5.0 :fistbump:
  9. dwalker

    installing battery tenders

    Yeah mine has worked flawlessly as well!
  10. dwalker

    GT500 Track Tour - Charlotte Motor Speedway

    I’m an hour north of Knoxville, TN myself and I received the invite to Charlotte. I’m really looking forward to it but I have a feeling it’s gonna make me want trade in my 350 soon after. Lol
  11. dwalker

    Has Anyone Switched Their 2019 GT350 To A RED Start Button?

    I recently did the 4” to 8” touch screen swap in my car since it was a base GT350. I actually received a 2019 radio bezel with the newer start button and I gotta say it looks a lot more premium than the plain red one. I personally like it better...
  12. dwalker

    Preview: Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signal Housings!

    shoot me a PM, I may just take them off your hands.
  13. dwalker

    Verus Engineering Rear Diffuser Group Buy

    Wonder if these guys would be up for the task of making a 19&up style Gurney Flap that’s made for the 15-18 track pack spoiler??......
  14. dwalker

    What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Recently got a new job as a substation maintenance tech at my local cooperative and cut my drive by 40 minutes so I drove mine to work this morning. One of the lineman has a Hellcat at home so he was giving me the stink eye....:crackup:
  15. dwalker

    New 2019 Ford Shelby GT350 with lower rocker panel flaw

    I’m assuming we’re looking at this?? Looks like a paint chip, correct?
  16. dwalker

    Changing the Recaro Seats!

    If you are interested in just swapping radio bezels, if you haven’t got one yet, I have one with the heated and cooled seats buttons. I recently upgraded my base 4” radio to the 8” touchscreen and since I have Recaros I don’t need the heated/cooled seats button. This bezel is just the one they...
  17. dwalker

    Question on changing the reverse light bulb on a MY 2019...

    Not the best video, but it will show you what you need to know.....
  18. dwalker

    Tennessee WTB GT350 8” touchscreen radio bezel

    Looking to buy a GT350 specific 8” touchscreen radio bezel WITHOUT the heated/cooled seats buttons. I currently have one with the buttons but have Recaros so they are pointless...
  19. dwalker

    Preview: Diode Dynamics LED Turn Signal Housings!

    Awesome news!! Can’t wait to get a set of smoked ones!