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  1. IainD90

    What's the funniest/oddest/ignorant comment someone said about your 350?

    I'm not sure if I would take that as a compliment or an insult. One one hand, wraps are sometimes gorgeous, rich colours... But on the other hand, a lot of them look like complete ass. We all know VB is the tits though
  2. IainD90

    What's the funniest/oddest/ignorant comment someone said about your 350?

    "Is that a supersnake" nope, GT350 "oh ok" "Is that a supersnake" no, this is actually a Shelby GT350 "ah" "Is that a supersnake" no, It's a mustang but with a bigger/badder engine, the Shelby has a - "here's your coffee have a nice day" "Is that a supersnake" yes "niiiiice" I've had the...
  3. IainD90

    Seriously, how does the EPA rate this car at 14 city and 21 highway?

    I managed 23.5 to 24 MPG on a 1 hour trip near my cottage up north, where I had my cruise control at around 55MPH. It was a horrifically boring drive and I don't recommend it, but it is possible. And yes I did the return trip in the same fashion so elevation wasn't really a factor.
  4. IainD90

    Official Resonator Delete Thread

    I did it last week, had a shop cut out the resonators and weld straight pipe replacements.. It sounds so good. With the valves closed, it's hardly louder at all - especially when the car is warmed up. Cold starts with the valves shut I will say - it is a good bit louder here.. What I would...
  5. IainD90

    Steeda Clutch Spring - Lack of clarification

    I'm picking up this clutch spring for my 2018 GT350 tomorrow actually.. And now reading this - just to clarify, for the 2018 you simply replace the OEM spring with the steeda, there's no secondary spring/perch to remove? Is it wife friendly? She drives the mustang as well.
  6. IainD90

    Oil leak - drivers side near front wheel

    For what it's worth, I think it was just some spillage that had found it's way to the bottom of the car and onto my garage floor/driveway. No oil spots for the last few weeks. Given the [terrible] experience I had at this particular dealer, it was expected. Shout out to Formula Ford in...
  7. IainD90

    Ios14 Beta - Carplay Issue

    I have the ios14 public beta installed on my phone and it currently works as it should, although I think my phone updated last night. I will try later on. More importantly though, what do you need music for anyways? :)
  8. IainD90

    Toyota Supra GR vs Mustang Shelby GT350

    Ohh sorry sorry. I thought we were talking about M2 vs GT350 episode. My bad
  9. IainD90

    Toyota Supra GR vs Mustang Shelby GT350

    I personally know the host and a couple other guys that created this show, they put a lot of effort into it and for their first episode it’s pretty good if you ask me. You can tell they have a clear vision of the direction they want to be in, which does seem a little “top gear forward”... Which...
  10. IainD90

    Toyota Supra GR vs Mustang Shelby GT350

    Both episodes were filmed at Toronto Motorsports Park. That is not Shannonville
  11. IainD90

    Is it me? Have used GT350 price jumped up lately?

    Exactly one month ago I bought my 2018 (oxford white, blue stripes, convenience package) with 6000 miles for $50,500 USD (67k CAD). This was negotiated down from the $53,000 price on the window. It needed new rear tires however, but I purchased 4 new ones (Pilot SS) for 1500 USD. After those...
  12. IainD90

    Easy way to sync climate control?

    Well that's good to know, I suppose. Not the solution I was hoping for but as long as it works, lol. Thank you sir
  13. IainD90

    Easy way to sync climate control?

    I have buttons for the cc; heat/cool seat buttons, +/- for the fans, the middle button is the power.. etc. Are you saying pushing the power button twice essentially syncs the temperature to the driver side?
  14. IainD90

    Easy way to sync climate control?

    Every car I've ever owned has a dedicated button to re-sync the climate control after a picky passenger decides to change their side of the car by 0.5 degrees. With this car, do I really need to exit Carplay, click climate control, and select "sync"? There has to be a better way to do this...
  15. IainD90

    Rattle around gear lever when downshifting into 2nd

    Hi all, I get that this car will rattle from engine vibrations and it's basically unavoidable. I've got a nasty one that seems to be coming from the shift boot area, and is only audible when downshifting into 2nd gear. Downshifting into 3rd gear at the same RPMs doesn't produce the noise - only...
  16. IainD90

    Solution Found. Please delete

    I see this difference clear as day. This would drive me absolutely nuts, I had a 2007 Volkswagen GTI when I was younger and had the hood repainted and even on that car it bothered me. Can't imagine seeing this on a GT350. Definitely need everything blended, and possibly overall just a better...
  17. IainD90

    GT350R VS ZL1 1LE

    I like both cars for different reasons but holy shit the 350R looks so much better than the Camaro.. No question, not even fan-boying
  18. IainD90

    Oil leak - drivers side near front wheel

    Thanks for the torque spec, was looking for this. :)
  19. IainD90

    Oil leak - drivers side near front wheel

    Assuming the dealer didn't overfill, the oil level doesn't seem to have dropped. The dipstick shows right at the top of the textured area, just below the upper circle. I did notice some shiny oil on the top of the undertray on the drivers side. I'm getting some tint tomorrow at a friends shop...
  20. IainD90

    Oil leak - drivers side near front wheel

    So it's been 3 days or so and it's still leaking - albeit a little less it seems. Parked car overnight in driveway and there was a 2" spot where oil had dripped. When I first noticed this on Friday it would drip a ton more. Should I leave it for another few days?