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  1. 2020GT500

    Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    What the heck, there must be more to the story? I'm only at 675 feet and It snows for 6 months of the year! As my kids would say, "this is completely unfair!" Let me know if you need a blanket, I've got LOTS! LOL!
  2. 2020GT500

    1/4 Mile Rain Try in or out

    I heard or read somewhere that its quicker in the 1/4 with the tray in, but tray out for road course. Sorry don't have source...
  3. 2020GT500

    Used CFTP, ~750 miles, 5 sm rock chips, Illinois, Sticker $104k, asking $90k

    Just saw this CFTP listed, used as a bassline car, seems like a reasonable price for the right person.
  4. 2020GT500

    Cracks in Hood Support

    Somebody's gotta be first... HK Identified the issue, now Ford has to identify the cause or call @Epiphany. The man is on to something!
  5. 2020GT500

    Cracks in Hood Support

    Ford needs to replace the hood on a car or 2 to do their own due diligence. Its undeniable that HK's hood has cracks, ford needs to try to understand if its a design flaw or not. For Ford to do nothing now and find out 2 years later, after a serious accident, that there was a flaw in the design...
  6. 2020GT500

    Cracks in Hood Support

    Just added mine to the [email protected] 3500km with only 1 point in time travelling for a short period at an excessive speed...Yes its classified...But I'm sure Ford has the required security clearance... Fun times ahead! Edit to add my hood alignment appears perfect or at lease equal on both sides...
  7. 2020GT500

    Cracks in Hood Support

    Dam...all my ex's in one photo shoot...good thing the one I kept is a better cook!
  8. 2020GT500

    5Spurs GT500 Shifter Dial Mystery Solved...

    But are you also considering writing a review, from your own perspective?
  9. 2020GT500

    5Spurs GT500 Shifter Dial Mystery Solved...

    All this and we still don't know what T. plans to do with it...I'm happy to review it...:like:
  10. 2020GT500

    5Spurs GT500 Shifter Dial Mystery Solved...

    Look at that, a good news story! Happy to see the full disclosure and hope @5spurs isn't affected by the negative publicity. Back on my "good supplier" list.
  11. 2020GT500

    Lightly used OEM parts, what are you looking to sell?

    Interested to see what OEM parts other members are will to sell after they upgrade/Mod their cars. So far I've picked up a steering wheel a a set of base wheels. Looking for Front splitter (I will wreck mine in time) and maybe more if I think I will wear it out or break it... I know one...
  12. 2020GT500

    Battery Terminal connections

    Sorry...Yes good to go on the positive side.
  13. 2020GT500

    Battery Terminal connections

    There is a thread here somewhere on the subject...You need to take the neg from the strut tower to bypass the cars intelligent battery software per the owners manual supplement.
  14. 2020GT500

    Water in my carbon fiber wing?

    Also not sure anyone would want 1-2 lbs (worst case scenario) of water sloshing around when out for a "spirted" closed circuit run... freezing was my initial thought...
  15. 2020GT500

    Lug nut options, what are others doing?

    Considering these lug nuts Is there something better suited that you have verified?
  16. 2020GT500

    Mustang Brake Recall

    Well us Canadians get the shaft again, partly to do with our own questionable regulations for daytime running lights... Just looked at the app and she has 3 recalls listed...poor hind sight (rear camera), daylight vision impairment (daytime running lights) and Achilles tendon (brake pedal). It...
  17. 2020GT500

    Almost a record 10.62 et 131 mph

    The "stock" car only had 1 mod which added 20-40 hp...therfore not "stock".... :curse: I am a Billionaire, just not in net worth...
  18. 2020GT500

    Ford... What is your problem? GT500 owners, you need to read these quality control issues...

    Got intimate with her on the weekend, and was particularly interested in her plumbing... Transmission line was good :like:. While she remained on top of me, I decided to look at her rear a little closer to ensure that the exhaust was all in order. Found a broken bracket on the rear stone...
  19. 2020GT500

    Best source for part numbers?

    You nailed it! Thanks