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  1. Lethal Performance 2015 V6 Offroad pipe & X/H pipe resonator delete in the works!

    I'm interested but I would like to hear it first. What would I need for turning off the check engine light? Do I need a completely different tune? I don't want a more aggressive tune I just want that light gone. Thanks
  2. Removing Rubber Skirt

    Took mine off day 1. It's ugly as hell. It's held by some grooves in the plastic underpan and a few plastic push pins.
  3. Bbk shorty exhaust leak ......

    The cars screams with the shorties at high rpm. I would love to raise the rev limit.
  4. 58+% Power gain on just 8psi of ProCharger Supercharger Boost....

    Centre Mecanau et Brossard Performance??? LOL Est bonne celle la. Merci mais non merci.
  5. Base rear bumper option.

    Looks great. I want one.
  6. 58+% Power gain on just 8psi of ProCharger Supercharger Boost....

    Get me really excited. How much for full kit and tuner? Can I buy the full kit and have it tuned a bit to accommodate the headers. What do you use to tune? I'm sure there are no dealers near where I live so I'll have to find a tuner... Solutions?
  7. ProCharger Supercharger interest?

    Does the full system on your site include the tune for a full bolt on? What did you use to tune? Are all fueling components included in full kit? I see you offer a tuner kit for people with headers. Could I purchase a fully tuned kit for my car even with shorty BBK headers? I don't really want...
  8. 3.31's to 3.73's coming soon

    Are you sure he can hit 60 even by increasing rpm rev limit. With 3.55 gears you can hit 60 by increasing rpm rev limit by a few hundred rpm but it seems borderline. Can you raise rpm limit higher to reach 60 in second with 3.73 gears... Not sure...
  9. LPF Turbo V6 Mustang

    That Cyclone, what a beast. [ame]
  10. 3.55 0-60

    Inquiete toi pas Etienne, j'ai aussi un manuelle 3.55 et c'est tres dur de faire des bon 0-100 en shiftant la 3. Attend d'allez sur le quart de mile... Tres dur faire des bons temps en dessous de 14.
  11. EB base float while driving

    I went with a prokit drop and 20 inch wheels with low profile high performance tires for my V6. Very tight and no more float.
  12. My Custom Catback Exhaust: LT Headers

    That's a lot of effort for no power gains, same 0-60 and a sound you don't really like. Should of stayed with your original setup. I feel you though, I also love to mess up a good thing.
  13. 3.31's to 3.73's coming soon

    ^^^^ This is correct. V6 only comes in 3.15 or 3.55 with auto or manual.
  14. Advanced Traction Control OFF

    I've had mine off since day 1 and I still think there is some sort of interference in certain situations. Either that or the OEM LSD is shit. Or both... I'm switching to a Torsen from the GTPP for sure.
  15. 2015 v6 3.7L Engine vs 2014 V6 3.7L

    http://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php?t=22917&highlight=lpf http://www.mustang6g.com/forums/showthread.php?t=17291
  16. Waiting for better color choices

    I agree. I see tons on the lot all the time and I can hardly tell the difference. Hardly...
  17. My Custom Catback Exhaust: LT Headers

    I'm hoping for the best but I'm guessing a very canny sound.
  18. APR paired with CDC

    Looks good. I'm ordering that cdc valance. Gonna plastidip it matte black.