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  1. Post Your Mach 1 Pictures

    Roush states the Supercharger isnt compatible with the Mach 1 or Bullitt, have any issues with the tuning?
  2. Meeting with Doug Cantwell - Carroll Shelby's project manager for the original GT350

    Chuck is definitely a nice guy. I live near him, and he cruises around in his original 1966 GT350 that is in Guardsman Blue with White Stripes from time to time Got him to sign his book for me, plus i had a 1/18th GT350 Diecast, also got him to sign that for me at a local car show
  3. Brake Pads the Same as a PP GT or GT500?

    Thats what i thought, Thanks for the info. Looks like Powerstop is incorrect with their fitments. Glad i double checked before i purchased the wrong thing
  4. Brake Pads the Same as a PP GT or GT500?

    I been looking for possible new Brake Pads for the Mach 1, however i am slightly confused on the fitments. I thought the Mach 1 has the same size Caliper as the PP GT Mustangs, but when looking on PowerStop site, they list front brake pads as the same as the GT500. Should i be looking for...
  5. New Shelby American Mustang Teaser - For Dec 15 Reveal

    It was a decent forum a few years ago, but after the people that started Team Shelby moved on to Saleen, it started to go down hill, then whoever took over the forum and wanted to update/refresh it, there was so many problem after that with the format and all of the old posts were long...
  6. New Shelby American Mustang Teaser - For Dec 15 Reveal

    It will probably be a 60th Anniversary Shelby Mustang since 2022 will be the 60th Year of Shelby. They did a 50th Anniversary GT500 SuperSnake back in 2012 and they only made 50 of those cars.
  7. Paint code for spoiler

    You can argue that G1 (Shadow Black) is basically the same as UA (Black). However i believe UA is slightly different than G1. UA may match your Decklid Panel better
  8. roush splitter or rtr splitter

    Always thought it did because that is what Roush says. But if you got to work without it, nice.
  9. roush splitter or rtr splitter

    Just remember if you go the Roush Splitter Way, you need to get their Lower Grille as well.
  10. Mustang Week is no more after 2022?

    haven't been to a Mustang Week yet due to other vacations around the same time, guess i need to try for the final one. Maybe Pony in the Smokies and Mustang at Daytona could take it over or try to get the sponsors from Mustang Week to sponsor their show
  11. Mustang Week is no more after 2022?

    Saw this on Facebook not to long ago
  12. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build (+ "Phase 2")

    One of the events for the 2022 Ford Nationals at Carlisle is for the 60th Anniversary of Shelby. Will you be submitting an application to have your car on display? My GT500 was in one of the buildings for the 50th Anniversary of the GT500 it was neat experience
  13. Aftermarket 18+ GT/CS upper grille finally?

    think its kind of funny the seller is European Car Parts but its a part for an American Car that is shipped directly from China. Looks good tho, always liked the GT/CS Style Grilles because of the Tri-Bar Logo. Just wish someone would come out with a Mach 1 Style Grille but with a Tri-Bar Logo
  14. OEM Style Stripes but Different Colors

    Looks good!
  15. OEM Style Stripes but Different Colors

    So i been trying to find Mach 1 OEM Style Stripes but with the option to do different colors. I really want to change out the Black and Red and do Black and Gold to match my 1969 Mustang. However everywhere i look, the only options are solid colors or the OEM colors. Does anyone know where i...
  16. cobra jet intake manifold into 2015 s550

    Thanks for sharing the links, i am also pondering about doing the CJ Intake. Definitely going to save this thread
  17. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build (+ "Phase 2")

    to me looks like where one of "Signature Edition" badge may be placed
  18. Aftermarket 21 Mach 1 front bumper

  19. Any one install the RTR grille version with no LED

    The 2015-2017 RTR grille doesnt have inserts available like the 2018+ Version.