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  1. Saleen S650 Spoiler on S550

    I really like the new spoiler for the S650 Saleen Mustang but I wanted to know if it will fit on my 2015 Mustang. I asked them and they said they had a customer buy it and it does fit with slight modification but didn’t go into detail. Does anyone one here know of it being done or did it...
  2. Front/Rear Sway Bars- what’s the proper setup?

    Okay, I’m a novice in this area. I’m looking at making my car handle better. Want more of a Porsche feel than a straight line drag car. I’m looking into getting front and rear sway bars for my 2015 V6. How would I set them up? Adjustable ones have three positions with most saying the middle...
  3. Need to get exhaust installed NY

    I just bought a Borla Stinger S-Type CAT back exhaust for my 15 Mustang. Wanted to know if anyone knows a good installer near the Middletown, Newburgh NY area? Please let me know and any suggestions would be great key appreciated.
  4. Side stripes

    I have a question. Does anyone know or have side stripes with FORD spelled out towards the rear of the stripe? I always see letters on the side front, but I did see one image like I described and I can’t find it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. How much HP possible?

    How much HP can we expect to see Normally Aspirated in our V6’s? Including mods such as a tune, exhaust, headers, CAI, CF Driveshaft, and running 93 octane? I’m curious as these are the mods lm thinking of doing on my 15 V6
  6. Squeaky suspension question

    My drivers side rear squeaks at low speeds, sounds like a squeaky bed. I don’t visually see anything broken or bushings deformed. Could it be the Spring? The shock? I have a 2015 V6 .
  7. Pilot AS4 vs ContiExtremeContact DWS

    I’m looking for a set of good performance all season tires and narrowed it down to these two based on cost and reviews. Let me know if you have them on your Mustangs and your opinion. I’ll be pulling the trigger on one set in the next 30 days so any assistance you can give me which could push me...
  8. New head unit 15 Mustang that will work with wheel controls/voice

    Hi all, This may be around but I’m having trouble finding it. Is there a aftermarket head unit that will work with the steering wheel radio controls and can use voice commands? I’d think by now that would be available but I can’t really find anything definitive. I’m looking to replace the base...
  9. Newburgh/New Windsor/Cornwall Area Mustangs!!

    Well as of Monday I’ll be laid off for a couple of weeks at least from my job due to this Coronavirus outbreak. Since I’m healthy and want to help I thought we should get all the healthy Mustang owners in the area to help delivering some needed items to people who are elderly or can’t get out...
  10. Rolls Royce in a 2015 Mustang

    Okay guys, it’s not like I have the money to do this right now, but I was thinking. I eventually would want to go as full on P-51 Mustang with my car as possible so would it be feasible to fit a Rolls Royce V12 in the engine bay of a 2015 Mustang V6? Could it be done? How much do you think it...
  11. XM/Sirius for Base Stereo

    I was wondering if anyone knows if we can get XM/Sirius radio in a 2015 Mustang V6? If so, would it be able to be controlled through the radio using the Aux inputs? Or would I need a separate display controller? Also, anyone know how much it would cost?
  12. 2018 SALEENS

    I’m really liking this front clip on the new Saleens. Much better looking IMO than the factory one. Opinions?
  13. Waxing Vinyl Stripes

    I just got gloss black stripes with thin white pinstripe on my car a few weeks ago and I wanted to wax them so I wanted to know what I can use on the car as well as the stripes? Reccomentations guys??
  14. Update Base Sound System Speakers

    I'm thinking of upgrading the speakers in my 15 V6. I want a better more high end sound without spending a fortune on a new head unit at this time. That will come later. What speakers have you guys put in? Did you also install an amp? Sub? I'm curious as I'm thinking of getting Bang and Olofson...
  15. Cleaning Engine Bay

    I've been extremely busy with work and decided to put my car in a local show on Monday. I have a day to clean the engine bay but I can't go nuts because I'm limited by actual time. I'm using water and rags to get the gunk off the engine, figure I'll wax all the painted surfaces after cleaning...
  16. MOTM- help?

    Hi, Just wanted to know how do you choose the Mustang of the Moment? I'd like to put mine up for consideration even though most of my mods have been cosmetic. I think she looks great and would be worthy of that title. Figured I would ask (beg) lol. :ford:
  17. P-51 Roush Mustang parts

    I just wanted to know if you will produce the P-51 side emblems for your special edition car for the general public? I am extremely interested in these.
  18. V6 REAR TRI-BAR DECALS- low Vis

    Hey guys! I was thinking that I've seen some nice decals for the 5.0 Emblems, even the front pony and rear pony for ECO's, but I wanted to know if anyone makes decal overlays for the V6 Rear Tribar? Like perhaps stars and stripes in Low Vis Grey, or perhaps some kind of P-51 decal that would...

    Not sure if this is where I should post this so if it has to be moved that's okay. I'm a member of the Mustang 6 Association which is a nationwide club for ALL six cylinder Mustangs. I'm trying to start a NY chapter but I need 10 people to join. I live in the Hudson Valley areas and I'm looking...

    I'm looking to get Winter Tires this weekend and I wanted to see what you guys think about the three choices I have in my area. I'm not going to buy tires online because I had an issue in the past but here are my choices Yokohama WinterDrive V905 Cooper WeatherMax WSC Yokohama Ice Guard 1G52C...