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  1. Florida 2021 Mach 1 Handling Package FJG

    If you were in the New England area I would be all over this. Beautiful car and GLWS.
  2. Woke up to this!

    Sorry dude, that sucks. But this worked for Richard Hammond 😂
  3. New Promotion From Ford. $1250.00 Cash

    It's been a while since I purchased a Ford, but, is the dealer still able to just look up your name and see if you have a cash back offer tied to you? I thought I had that done when I purchased my 2016 in 2015??
  4. New Promotion From Ford. $1250.00 Cash

    I wonder if Granger Ford accepts this offer along with the 2% under invoice pricing?
  5. 2023 Invoice Price List

    I couldn't seem to locate it on here (although I probably missed it) is there a thread/post that has the pricing list (invoice &MSRP) on the 23MY?
  6. Mustang Camera stopped working after battery replacement

    Did you know about the Ford recall for the rear camera? You may want to call your local dealer and see what they recommend.
  7. Massachusetts 50th Anniversary Wheels and Tires

    Would these wheels work with the PP Brembo 6 pot?
  8. 19x10 Wheels Squared for a Mustang GT PP1?

    Are you at stock height with the 40 sidewall? I am lowered and currently on a 35 sidewall for summer/spring. Was wondering if a 40 sidewall will work on a lowered car in the winter?
  9. Winter wheels

    Anyone in the MetroWest area selling used winter wheels for 16 PP car? I may be interested.
  10. Brembo Brake Upgrade.

    I upgraded my base GT brakes over 6 yrs ago and didn't change my master cylinder. Haven't had any problems.
  11. Thoughts on this 2022

    Thanks for the replies guys. I sent an email to them to see if I can get more info. I'm not interested in it but my buddy was asking me about this. I haven't been keeping up with the pricing of Mustangs for a while so that's why I looked for opinions from the members. I'll let you know if/when I...
  12. Thoughts on this 2022

    That's the first thing that I thought but the hurricane hit at the end of September. The car was in N.H. a month before that??
  13. Thoughts on this 2022

    Could I ask you guys to take a look at this car and it's Carfax report and tell me if I'm missing something?? The price seems pretty low for a pretty much "new" 2022 with the options listed. Window sticker available. Check out this vehicle I found on CARFAX: 2022 Ford Mustang - $45,999 with FREE...
  14. Order a 2023 Mustang at 2% below invoice!!

    Does this include the Mach 1??
  15. Splitting roof seams near back window, water leaking into rear quarter panels

    Could you recommend a product? I want to attempt this myself, just want to use the correct stuff.
  16. Splitting roof seams near back window, water leaking into rear quarter panels

    Is this something that can be applied? I have some of this at work.
  17. Ford the love of god

    Unfortunately it's a known issue. Luckily I got mine replaced 1 month before warranty expired.