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  1. Guys, talk some sense into me.

    Haven't been on here much recently, but there's a reason. The Miata. Specifically the 2016 Miata. I've always wanted one, just like I've always wanted a Mustang. My heart has been set for years on the Mustang, but the new Miata has really made me fall in love with the little roadster...
  2. That's my Horse!

    Let's play game! I'm going to call it "That's my Horse." Here's how it's going to go. A member will post a picture of another user's Mustang, just the picture. Then everyone has to guess who's Mustang that is! But what if it's your's? That's when you shout out "That's my Horse!" Whoever...
  3. I Want a Tri-Bar Front Emblem

    I think it would look better than just the pony.
  4. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Who here is also from NC?
  5. Why are YOU buying the new 'Stang?

    Vote on the poll and explain why down below.

    OH NO!!! IT'S THE BIG 5-OH!!!!!!! And in a different way this time, happy bday 'Stang!!!
  7. Who else feels like the busiest motherlover in the world?

    I sure as hell do. Well, this is my situation. Back in March my F100 got towed and because I was busy with school and the Ranger, I was too busy to go work on it. That left me with a big ol' $625 fine for the tow. So I got it to a shop that could do the brakes since it is no longer welcome at...
  8. NC Auto Expo Coverage

    So, here at the NC Auto Expo Ford came in guns-a-blazin' and went all-out by showing off just about every thing they could, with the highlights being the 2015 Mustang and F-150. The Mustang that was shown was the same GT model that originally debuted in LA back in December. In a little chat I...
  9. Your first modification!?

    So!!! There's no question that most of you guys are in the same boat as me. I want a new Mustang. The thing is, I don't want mine to stay stock. And I'm sure that I'm not the only one here. My question is, what will your first mod be? For me, it would definitely be an exhaust system. Then a...

    Welp, it's official. DeLone has officially undergone the beginning of the rebuild. It started today after work when I took the mangled bumper off and shot about an hour and a half south to go check out some possible parts. Result? On Saturday I'll be picking up my new bed. The thing is spotless...
  11. Haven't Been on Lately - Here's Why...

    I don't know if you guys have noticed or not but I haven't been on here much this month. Well, I have a solid reason for that. Those that really know me, know that my truck is my baby. It is the one sole possession I cherish more than anything in the world. I will do anything to make sure that...
  12. CTC Contest!!!

    I'm over at Car Fanatics and they always have a CTC (Chop this car) contest for a lot of the new cars that come out. This month, it's our Mustang. The winner usually get's a nice little round of applause and then that's it. This time, though, there is an actual prize. Yep, a pen. I...
  13. Next-Gen Fords for Dummies (Primer on News and Rumors)

    Ford-Branded Products -No word on a next-gen Fiesta or Focus yet, as the cars enter the final few years of their product life. The Focus RS is about to hit the streets in the next few weeks. -Fusion may be getting a ST treatment for the 2017-18 MY. 400 HP and AWD is rumored, as well as the...
  14. You Know You're a Mustang Fan When...

    Pretty self explanatory. You know you're a Mustang fan when you can already discern small differences in models.

    Now eat, sleep, and be safe. Any special plans anyone?
  16. My buddy caught a Mustang floating around Dearborn.

    Nothing special IMO. Appears to be one of the base models.
  17. Now that we've seen the new Mustang...

    How do you feel about it? Pick an option and tell why.
  18. We should have a blog.

    I mean the homepage is already similar to a blog layout, why not make one? I'm sure that their are more than enough people that'd love to write for it, and if it gets big enough Ford might throw some S550's our way next year... :thumbsup: What say you guys?
  19. PS4 or XBOne?

    Choose one and why.