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  1. Adding aftermarket converter to whippled GT

    I was wondering how many of you swapped converters from stock to lets say a 3000 stall unit The stock unit is tight and does not hit the tires hard (as by design) and im like everyone else looking for more ET..from the dig or a roll
  2. I sprung for a Carbon Fiber Driveshaft

    One hour job on my lift to install the QA1 unit went in without a hitch , I did the job alone but would suggest a buddy to help hold the pry bar so the shaft doesn't spin when you are torqueing the bolts I also own my own lift so it was doable ,on jack stands it would be a real PITA..Who cares...
  3. Tennessee 2015 GT,Whipple,12K orig miles

    Orig Owner, 12K miles title in hand 5.0 w AUTO Trans Whipple Supercharger w all the upgrades & 72# injectors UPR dual Catch can ARH 1.75" stainless headers and full catted exhaust Billet oil pump gears Billet cam sprocket Steeda Koni adjShocks/struts Steeda Swaybars and billet end links Steeda...
  4. Whipple Catch Can system ,

    200.00 plus the ride . works as designed . perfect cond
  5. SCT

    Unmarried SCT X4 FOR SALE 2015-2017 perfect condition 250.00 shipped USA.....
  6. Base GT Upgrades

    anyone running the adjustable KONIs yet ? My base GT with its Whipple is too bouncy on the nose,my guess is the extra weight up front doesn't help either . Im not into running corners at 125MPH or anything but a firm shock is def needed here Pickins are slim I tell ya !
  7. 2011-2017 Mustang GT / ECOBOOST Go Pro car camera Mount

    Like new 50.00 shipped in USA,GoPro use...........
  8. SCT 4sale

    used a few times,like new really UNMARRIED 300.00 plus the ride,paypal as cash OK
  9. Nitto NT05R

    I currently have the NTO5 305/35/19 and my whipple powered GT can pretty much light them up at will......Actually my car lit them up even when it was just NA from the dig worse than the stock tires. Looking at getting the NT05"R" version now for an easy swap on my M350 wheels...Any feedback...

    [ame] Oil Pump Gears,Crank Sprocket.Whipple,TB,72# Inj,Dual Fans Thanks to Lethal,Whipple and Dynospeed for making it happen All went in without one issue and it drives like factory I am thrilled at how well she runs too,great job to the tuners at whipple........ Made (corrected) 615RWHP...
  11. Steeda Progressive lowering Springs

    150.00 plus the ride,less than 500 miles old...
  12. Spare tire kit

    Came w my GT,BNIB donut ,jack and some hardware,big box will ship for addl UPS Any fair offer,get this thing outta here:ford:
  13. Drag Radials

    I want to add a MT 295.45-17 to the back of my GT I am trying to pin down rear rim size I am thinking one of these two is what I need. Suggestions so I only buy once? Billet Specialties 17 in. x 9.5 in., 5 x 4.50 in. Bolt Circle, 6.00 in. Backspace or 17 in. x 9.5 in., 5 x 4.50 in. Bolt...