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  1. Maine McLeod RXT Twin Disc Clutch Assembly with Flywheel, New Old Stock, for Sale in Maine

    No, I thought they supplied new flywheel bolts with their clutches.
  2. Maine McLeod RXT Twin Disc Clutch Assembly with Flywheel, New Old Stock, for Sale in Maine

    Does it come with all of the bolts that are supplied by Mcleod?
  3. Stumble at Startup

    JAJ, by "garbage" I meant the unsightly nature that the IMRC's gave to the looks of the engine bay. Personal preference I'm sure, but that was my opinion of the visuals of it. Couple that with the probabilty that the IMRC's might of been the cause of the tick I was hearing, it didn't bother me...
  4. Stumble at Startup

    My car won't see the road until around the middle of April, and I never start it during the winter months. The issue with the stumble started happening after the IMRC lockouts that I did during early Summer of last year.
  5. Stumble at Startup

    Needing some advise from the group. I have a 2019 GT350 and have done a few things to it since purchasing it in 2020. One of those things, was removing the IMRC garbage from the back of the engine and locking out the IMRC's because I "thought" they were the cause of my ticking sound between 1500...
  6. Flex Fuel Woes

    Well, 'fortunately' for me, since I went from about 16-17 mpg down to about 11, it won't take long to run thru a tank, LOL!
  7. Flex Fuel Woes

    The car runs with an AFR of around 9.6 to 9.8 after I did the E85 tune. When it was on the FF tune, AFR was all over the place, and the car acted like a bucking bronco. When I flashed the car the first time with FF, I had just started filling the tank up, so maybe it was simply a timing thing. I...
  8. Flex Fuel Woes

    So, if I read this correctly, is it saying that on the FF tune, you have to run the car down to almost 0 miles and then fill up with either E85 or 93 and let it relearn each time? Sounds easier to just switch between the E85 and 93 tunes instead of messing around with the FF tune.
  9. Flex Fuel Woes

    I think there's something wrong with the FF tune I got. My car has never acted up like it did on that tune, and quite frankly, I'm concerned going back to it. If it acted the way it did with just a little 93 in the tank, what's the use in using it at all? Just my thoughts about that, but yes, I...
  10. All-season tires

    The second set that I have on my stock wheels, are the Continental ContiWinterContact's. They ride really well. I don't actually drive mine in the winter, so they just sit in the corner of my building sulking :)
  11. Flex Fuel Woes

    Reflashed the car with the dedicated E85 tune, and it runs ALOT better! I was a little hesitant to flash it, since I still had some 93 in the tank, but it didn't seem to matter. Huge improvement! Thanks to everyone for the suggestions.
  12. Flex Fuel Woes

    I'll give that a shot. Thanks for the advise!
  13. Flex Fuel Woes

    I think that was my mistake. I did do proper logs for the 93 tune, and PDB told me it was good to go. The FF tune they sent me, I'm told, was based on that 93 tune, and that no further logs were needed, which in my mind, meant I could flash the car with the FF tune, put E in the car, and run it...
  14. Flex Fuel Woes

    I'm using an SCT X4 tuner.
  15. Flex Fuel Woes

    I had seen so many others who were running a FF tune on the car, that seemed to do just fine. Agreed, not sure why it was labelled a 'novelty' tune, if other's like Lund do them all the time. Just frustrating, as up until the car was flashed with that tune, it ran just fine. I did let PDB know...
  16. Flex Fuel Woes

    Is there an easy way to drain the tank? Never had to do that before.
  17. Flex Fuel Woes

    I recently had PBD tune my car. I opted for the E85 tune as well, and as a bonus, was given a Flex Fuel tune, as they saw it as a 'novelty' tune. The 93 tune went very well, and since today, 04/29 has been one of the first days without rain, I got the car out. Seeing as the car sat for the...
  18. GT350 Catback exhaust options?

    I recently installed the Borla ATAK cat backs on my car, and quite honestly, I don't really care for the sound. My stock cat backs with the resonator delete, in my opinion, did sound better as far as tone.
  19. Soon to be new owner!

    Welcome to the club! I also have a 2019, but unlike some, went a bit overboard with mods. Since I can't seem to leave a good thing alone, I made the decision to make the car 'better', by adding the following: BMR Jacking rails BMR front and rear cradle braces BMR billet verticle links Rear...
  20. Indiana members

    Culver here.