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  1. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Red Vlands can fail MOT - because the orange indicator does not shine through the red lenses enough, apparently.
  2. Passenger Window

    its usually just the electrical switches are wet through ... door card off dry all electrical connections and check them (use hair drier or heat gun on cool) door card on done also try reset - press window switch down and hold for 10 seconds press window switch up and hold for 10 seconds - then...
  3. Any meets inside the M25?

    if you arent already in Simply Mustangs UK - i suggest you join multiple meetings accross the UK every month
  4. First Round of Mods

    no - not yet! its still on the list though!:sunglasses:
  5. First Round of Mods

    Isnt it funny that those who have had one bad experience and refused MAPs offer to "put right" any perceived issues, at their cost - several years ago, are still banging a drum about it? oh - and there are those who have never ever been to MAP who enjoy telling everyone how bad things are...
  6. NEW S550 Mustang Sequential LED Tail Lights from FORM Lighting!

    SO? it makes no odds? - Vlands work sequentially - i guess the same as the Form Lighting ones work sequentially - HOW makes no difference surely?
  7. NEW S550 Mustang Sequential LED Tail Lights from FORM Lighting!

    Vlands work fine with Euro spec S550s - in 3 different colours (smoked, clear or red) - they plug and play straight onto a UK/Euro / Aus S550 - (30 minutes to fit) - the sequencing happens automatically - or you can change it (they come with 5 sequence modes)
  8. NEW S550 Mustang Sequential LED Tail Lights from FORM Lighting!

    i wonder if these are manufactured in China too?
  9. Competent UK Mustang Service?

    MAP are well over an hour away from me - BUT .... it is definitely worth the journey! (that's a nice drive out in a Mustang!):like:
  10. Competent UK Mustang Service?

    Without any doubt - always so to Motorsport and Performance for ANY Mustang work! (other places are available too (GT101, Performance 28, Modurstang, Torque developments etc - and they are all pretty good)) ... but for true enthusiastic professional work - take the trip to Motorsport and...
  11. European Mustang Nationals at Santa Pod - 14th/15th July 2022

    This is THE Mustang event of the year!
  12. Fordpass applink ceasing soon

    FordPass - doesn't really work on pre-face lift (older) S550s. but is ok on MY19 onwards...So not worth even commenting on it if you have a preface lift really as you wont have the experience of the App as it is now. ... However they are discontinuing Journeys (telematics) Send destination to...
  13. Dealer Service recommendations

    Motorsport and Performance (MAP) - only place I would trust with mine for servicing ... however... Modurstang, Performance 28, GT101 and Ford dealer at Sandicliffe are all good too.
  14. UK modification & tuner shops

    all of them ....depending upon where you live! also Performance 28 in North East
  15. UK modification & tuner shops

    not yet - unfortunately close family member's death over Christmas sort of stopped all car work for a while - but watch this space!
  16. 4 week wait for inspection post Ford Assist recovery !

    Why not take it to Motorsport and Performance in Batley? they know more about Mustangs than Ford seem to! not too far away from you and they really do know their stuff
  17. UK modification & tuner shops

    so - i have had the suspension uprated (mainly steeda parts - IRS base kit, bushes etc etc and alignment, and cosmetic mods lowering - springs, spacers etc) also had a steeda closed air intake plus tune (MAP have their own dyno and take massive care, attention and time on the tuning) - the...
  18. UK modification & tuner shops

    it really depends upon where you live in the UK? personally i will always recommend Motorsport and Performance as they have a fantastic set of performance skills, great people and totally reliable... but also they are in the North of England, which is where I am based.
  19. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Seems to be more common than it should be! certainly clunks and squeaks seem to point to shockers most times!