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  1. GT350R on track chasing Ford GT

    I see absolutely zero arrogance while watching this video. Ego? Have you met this guy? Do you know anything about his racing background? Looks pretty poor for someone to come on this Forum representing Team Shelby, and bashing on this kid, while the kid is out there promoting Team Shelby...
  2. C&D Lightning Lap 2018 Results for GT PP2

    This video shows the PP2 runnning almost 2:00 laps at Buttonwillow. It looks like the guy in the Video is really not even trying to hard to make a fast lap to boot. It also shows him pass a full race spec Civic Type R without even a blink and a few Porsches. I'm impressed, however, It looks...
  3. 2018 Mustang GT beats Demon in the 1/4

    Excuse me, whats with the attitude when a post goes up with something newsworthy. So did you even watch the video? Did the "Kid" explain why the video was a little blurry? So what part of this video is click bait? I'm confused? Do you know anything about this guy which you call "Kid"? I...
  4. 2018 Mustang GT beats Demon in the 1/4

    Came across this on the tube last night. Not sure if this is actually a 2018 as I'm not up on the tail lights and rear wing for that year. [ame]
  5. ReV Battle - I've never seen someone that has compared the db level for these cars!

    Cool Vid... Big surprise at the outcome. Which one do you think is louder??? :cheers: [ame]
  6. ReV Battle - I've never seen someone that has compared the db level for these cars!

    Cool Vid... Big Surprise at the outcome. Which one do you think is louder??? :cheers: [ame]
  7. Awesome GT350R Video! An owners impressions...

    Hey came across this video from a channel I subscribe to on Youtube. I have yet to see a video that has this type of information. Really well put together. I happen to know this guy (Don't let his age turn you off)...met him at a track event, and this guy is super humble and can definitely...
  8. 2017 GT350R Locking Lug Nuts ?

    Many times the Locking Lugs slide from the truck area up under the rear seat delete cover of the R cars. Check there you may be surprised to find them.
  9. Limp Mode with Track Package (Yas Marina Circuit)

    Just curious......did you buy the car new or used????? Sorry can't see any of the images for some reason. In the US many of the owners are buying the cars as tech packs, if they were 2016's and making them appear as if they were a Track Pack's by replacing the rear spoiler, and some other mods...
  10. 1.5+ G's??

    Instead of having the accelerometer gauge read 1.15 or 1.03, or .94, or 1.33.....It's seems unlikely that Lateral and Brake are exactly at 1.5 vs 1.51 or 1.56 or something more exact. On the other hand, maybe they are both really at 1.5 (per the gauge). There is another individual on this forum...
  11. 1.5+ G's??

    Zitro and J.....Let's please act civil and gentlemen like. I, in no way belittled, or disrespected either one of you. Also, let's stay on topic....Not sure where it went off course into a debate over Accel vs Brake G's. I NEVER mentioned Accel, I asked about Lateral and Brake. Site...
  12. 1.5+ G's??

    Actually, quite the contrary eh/mec. I was really hoping one of the track guys would chime in on this.........Not sure if this forum is really the best place to ask track related GT350 questions. If someone has a recommendation of a better place to ask this question, please let me know...
  13. 1.5+ G's??

    I think the Accelerometer Gauge has a preset ceiling of 1.5 g for all 4 settings. If it is capped at 1.5, how would one go about raising it?
  14. Can they build a 2018 GT350 without a 2017 Mustang????

    Maybe my thinking is a bit off....... Doesn't the current year GT350 MY 2017 use parts from the 2017 Mustang? Like interior elements etc. If they were to build a 2018 GT350, would they use the new Digital Dash, and other components from the 2018 refresh? What do you guys/gals think?
  15. New Shelby Mustang Coming 1/19/17 at Barrett-Jackson

    Where did this image come from. This is without question a silhouette of a Focus RS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. New Shelby debut based on GT350 Carcass?

    OP is not a "Troll"......Boom, beat you to it:) I know its coming.
  17. New Shelby debut based on GT350 Carcass?

    Didn't realize so many Shelby GT350R owners were haters of SAI.
  18. New Shelby debut based on GT350 Carcass?

    This is my thoughts being leaked via a Post in an Online Forum. Please don't take it as a literal thing;) Who knows, I may have hit this one dead on. We will find out soon enough though.
  19. New Shelby debut based on GT350 Carcass?

    Think about past projects from Shelby...... The Supersnake has always been associated with the Shelby GT500 Model car. But I guess that didn't matter for the 2015-2017 Shelby American package. They just called the car the Shelby Supersnake vs the GT 500 Supersnake (which is the only SS in my...