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  1. Recaro seat ticking

    Did you get this figured out? I have the leather seats and both of them are doing the same thing.
  2. 2020 GT500's Scheduled For Production - Part 2

    Awesome!! Thanks!!
  3. 2020 GT500 Unscheduled/Material Hold or Clean Registry

    Ordered: 10/5/19 Sulphur Springs, TX Base, Twister Orange, Carbon Fiber IP, Tech Package. Thanks for all you do!
  4. 2018 GT low rpm engine rattle, cylinder damage pics, Ford buyback process

    Hey guys, I got my 2018 GT back in January of last year, and have about 9k miles on it currently. I started getting the 1-1.5k RPM tick after my first oil change at around 5k miles. At the time, the rattle would go away after the engine warmed up. I just got my 2nd oil change, this time to...
  5. Shunting 5th gear - 10R80

    I have an issue where the RPM stutters every time the car makes it to 5th gear. The RPM will dip 300-400, go back up, dip again and then continue normally. It’s not a thump or anything, but definitely something weird going on. It’s just interesting because when it goes from 4th to 5th it’s not...
  6. Here's a Nasty Sound for Y'all.

    Oh! Oh! I have this one too in addition to the 1500 idle RPM rattle and 2000-3000 RPM rattle. I feel like I’m playing Rattle Bingo :clap:
  7. Light rattle under load between 2000rpm and 3000rpm GT 2018

    A lot of us are having the same issue. There was a recent TSB for the F150 5.0 for rattle related issues—hoping it gets pushed to the Mustang and solves some of our rattling issues as well.
  8. A10 - 5th Gear

    Here’s a video that shows the RPM fluctuation I get in fifth gear:
  9. 2018 GT Surge and Hesitation

    Got around to uploading a video of my transmission “issue”. Notice how the RPM fluctuates in 5th despite consistent throttle:
  10. Ford TSB 18-2230 - 2018 S550 scratches on black trunklid panel

    Wow—mine is also scratched pretty bad even though I can’t pinpoint when it may have happened. Nice to see it’s covered under the warranty. Thanks for bringing this up!
  11. 2018 GT Surge and Hesitation

    Please keep us updated. This is my exact issue and it’s been driving me nuts!
  12. 2018 GT Surge and Hesitation

    Does it happen in 5th gear? Mine does this, but only in 5th. It’s like the RPM fluctuates for a second and then continues accelerating smoothly
  13. A10 - 5th Gear

    I’ve had this issue since I got my GT PP in January. I took it to be serviced, but the dealership couldn’t find anything wrong with it and said it “shifted beautifully”. Is this just how the torque converter behaves in the A10?
  14. 10 speed tranny downshifting HARD!

    Mine does this, but only in 5th gear (or 4th if it doesn’t skip 4th gear) Can you pay attention to the tach next time you’re driving and see exactly what gear it’s happening in? It’s like it’ll dip 200-300 RPM, and then surge up and back down again before continuing to smoothly accelerate.
  15. 2018 GT A10 Basket case of issues...

    I have the same hard shifting issue. In normal mode, the RPM seems to fluctuate once I get to either 4th or 5th gear (it’ll dip about 400 RPM under normal acceleration and then continue to accelerate smoothly) and then when decelerating it’ll be a hard downshift when I get to 3rd gear that’s...
  16. 10 speed tranny downshifting HARD!

    I have the same issue. When driving in normal mode, I also notice that when I get to either 4th or 5th gear, there’s a very noticeable fluctuation in RPM where it dips 200-400 RPM before continuing to shift smoothly. Once I get back down to 3rd gear while decelerating, I get the jerky downshift...
  17. 18 GT A10 Issue

    I’ll definitely give this a shot—thanks for the suggestion!
  18. 18 GT A10 Issue

    Yeah, the A10 in normal mode rarely uses 2nd or 4th gears unless it’s very light acceleration. Oddly, if it does happen to use 4th gear, the RPM dip/fluctuation happens in 4th instead of 5th.
  19. 18 GT A10 Issue

    Hey guys, I have an 18 GT PP with about 3500 miles. I’ve noticed that, while driving in normal mode, the acceleration will be smooth up until 5th gear, where the RPM will suddenly “hiccup” for about 1-2 seconds and dip by about 300-400 RPM before continuing to smoothly accelerate. I read...
  20. 2018 A10 "bouncy" shifts?

    RE: Have you figured this out yet? I'm experiencing the same thing with my A10. I'll be accelerating smoothly up until 5th gear from a stop under normal accelerating conditions, and as soon as it gets to 5th the RPM will dip suddenly by about 200-300, bounce back up and then down again before...