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  1. Adjustable shocks - Steeda vs Koni opinions?

    they are one and the same from what I read I have them,they are TIGHT
  2. Drive shaft which one to get?

    I have the QA1 CF model in my car a few years now. No complaints

    Burrrpppp Maybe but Bullet is a nicer ride
  4. Gen 2 coyote rebuild

    Hyper piston dont like heat..... Forged rotator will help ,I would ask can you stroke these to a larger CID ?
  5. Bad noise Coyote Gen 2

    your engine is playing the bongos Thats from wrong fuel pressure? ill be damned

    id MUCH rather have a Bullet over a Dark Horse Bullet has legacy..Dark Horse has horse shit
  7. Steeda Springs Issue

    went with BMR linear springs
  8. Add Sway Bars or Leave Stock?

    I added sway bars to my ride,the improvement was minimal What was significant was new struts
  9. Steeda Springs Issue

    coil bind or the diameter is wrong if its any consolation I yanked my steeda springs and went to a different brand because of clunking
  10. Strange brakes?

    I ran STRANGE on my drag car,not sure of your question but they worked fine
  11. Spark Plugs question

    you ask for irridums then question the cost Get the better plug,NGK....You only need 6 cry once.
  12. Let’s talk Slotted/drilled rotors

    most drilled and slotted rotors are made in china,so if you are planning to drop coin on rotors because they look good,avoid china junk..
  13. Nitto nt555 vs. Firestone fire hawk Indy 500

    I run the Firestones,two years on the car now coming from a Nitto tire the ride improvement was very noticeable . I am happy with the Indy500s...
  14. Kooks vs ARH vs LTH

    I have ARH for about 6 years now,still woroking great FYI ARH is a just a bunch of ex Kooks employees that went out on thier own both are great headers
  15. Spoiler / Wing Recommendations (GT)

    i like that alot,,where can I find that exact wing?
  16. Steeda Differential Bushing Insert and Subframe Alignment and Support Kit

    best thing you can add to your rear set up are those poly bushings I opted for another brand on the subframe kit which I thought was better and did not need an alignment after because it was self centering NVH,hard to tell my car has headers and so much other stuff
  17. 2021 Mustang GT Premium w/cylinder deactivation?

    GM has DOD Ford has Stop Start both stink but DOD is an engine killer
  18. Mustang to end in 2029 [LOCKED DUE TO POLITICS]

    Ford is doing its best to alienate its loyal customer base Go woke get broke...
  19. Circle D converter with whipple

    im assuming you are not using a whipple tune ? I wanted to do the swap myself but CircleD said the canned tune would not work and that seems to go in line with what im hearing . My regret is not getting a manual lol