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  1. Convertibles Photos Thread

    My baby on the left with a random old lady on the right
  2. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Thanks Coosawjack! I am trying through the local dealer here, no luck yet.
  3. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Thanks man, really appreciated! I guess it may live without any drilling, that would be my primary choice 😇 We mostly cruise with my wife and this spoiler seems not making that much air resistance to fall off :sunglasses:
  4. Convertibles Photos Thread

    Thanks! That is no option for the EU Mustang configuration and not even as an optional part in the catalogue. I have to check with my dealer - it looks decent! Can you order it painted in the US? EDIT: is it drilled through the lid or just taped?
  5. Convertibles Photos Thread

    What kind of spoiler is it? That would fit my baby ...
  6. Shock tower brace on convertibles...

    Hehe, can be true ... can be true. The horn is ok, but the body flex might be reduced by the shock tower brace (hearing squeaks sometimes while cornering at a slope edge)
  7. Front Parking Sensors

    2022 EU model and ... no front sensors. I was told by the dealer they have already installed them together with a front camera and it should word automatically with SYNC3, but no idea what brand and how-to-install. As my wifi will drive the Horse occasionally ... well :-)
  8. Repair manual

    Maybe I just have bad "search" skills, but is there any repair/workshop manual for purchase or download available from Ford as a PDF? Also I was looking for a parts catalogue with pictures (aka blueprints of components) to see how they are completed? Thanks for help.
  9. Top trim popping off

    Brand new 22' and the same issue ... I will probably wait if this is worsening in time. I am not fan of replacing these parts by a dealer as they typically cause other problems (squeaking noises are the base minimum).
  10. Shock tower brace on convertibles...

    Probably, we still can order it as an option from the catalogue. I am not planning any racing, but considering to add the shock tower brace. Can you see any difference or is it just a better subjective feeling? 😇
  11. Shock tower brace on convertibles...

    22' GT EU version which is equal to US Premium package, and no shock tower brace unfortunately ...
  12. Convertibles Photos Thread

    ... she has less than 200 miles and makes so many smiles. In love ...
  13. Window Sticker

  14. Window Sticker

    Would it be possible to get the window sticker for my car too? Very much appreciated! Thanks VIN: 1FATP8FF1N5115774
  15. S650 vs S550 Mustang Direct Comparison Prediction Look Rendering

    Great rendering work ... and if true, it makes me happy to keep 6th gen as it looks much better to me :cool:
  16. NEW S550 Mustang Sequential LED Tail Lights from FORM Lighting!

    Are there any EU compliant incl. the graving mark for road legal use (CE)? Primary talking about the Red option - we need it to flash orange? Thanks.
  17. Scan Tool

    There are power cables like this https://www.garmin.com/en-US/p/735279 where you can set the power-off timing and they disconnect the cam. But it wont allow to connect anything to the OBD port.
  18. Scan Tool

    Is there any scan tool (OBD rig) that also provides an USB port to power my dash cam? That would be a cool feature but I cannot find one.
  19. Waiting...the struggle is real

    .... ordered on Oct 14, today got confirmed the car is built ... June 27 .... and then it will take 2-3 months to get it to Europe. Expecting September which is almost a year in total. Well ...