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  1. North Carolina Roll Call!!!

    Meet tonight at 1001 Airport Blvd in Morrisville
  2. The Last Person to Post in this Thread WINS

    Winning and back from the past
  3. Guys, talk some sense into me.

    I can see why you bought it. Comfort and practicality was kind of "eh" to me. At-the-limit handling was the first and foremost priority. I'm a single 21 ear-old male with no kids. I did not want nor need a back seat. As I age I'm sure a Mustang will find its way into my driveway one day.
  4. Guys, talk some sense into me.

    I took my Volvo there back in August, which was my first time. It makes all other roads boring in comparison!!! Seriously, one cannot have more fun in a car than at TOTD! No problem. See my response to Trackaholic ^^
  5. Guys, talk some sense into me.

    Thanks! Honestly the responses are about what I expected. The classy people started to get overrun by the douches a little after people started to take delivery around a year ago. I still remember you, though. I always liked your opinions.
  6. Guys, talk some sense into me.

    For now. I already put a new muffler on it. A tune is going to be sent out in the next few weeks. But you aren't just buying the engine in the Miata, like you do with the Mustang GT.
  7. Guys, talk some sense into me.

    I booked a room to go to TOTD in late July, so that will be happening soon! As for Autodcross: Thanks, and I am enjoying every single minute that I get to drive it. Trust me, if I cared about what other people thought, I wouldn't have bought a Miata OR Mustang. Hello leased BMW!
  8. Hey Eibach..

    The same exact pamphlet came with the Pro kit I got for my Volvo. Don't lose sleep over it. :p
  9. Guys, talk some sense into me.

    Sorry guys, but the S550 couldn't hold a candle to the Miata. The Mazda is just so much more fun to drive.
  10. Next-Gen Fords for Dummies (Primer on News and Rumors)

    Been a while since I've stopped by here. Don't hate me guys, but I bought a '16 Miata over the S550... Still updated the info for you guys.
  11. What is your go-to tire?

    Daily driver: Falken Pro G4's. Weekend car: Pilot Super Sports. Now if I just had a sporty weekend car...
  12. Project American Cruiser

    Well it took months but that welding shop finally got to my floor pan. Had it towed back to my place and it sat for a little while (again). Welp, here's what's going on with it now: Home stretch... got the steering column out on Saturday so I could take it to Durham to see Rick at Carolina...
  13. sweet, my insurance on my GT is $10 a month less than my SHO

    I actually just switched my Volvo to Progressive and my payments went from $196/m to $108/m for full coverage ($250 deductible for both). Keep in mind I'm not even 21 yet (JUST A FEW MORE WEEKS DAMMIT!!!). My only regret is not switching sooner.
  14. Anyone Still Getting Used To Driving It?

    After the first ding/scratch. Sorry...
  15. Introduce yourself!!

    Welcome everyone!!!
  16. What is your dream Ecoboost 2.3 Swap?

    Tune it to the moon and slap it in an Ariel Atom.
  17. Tremec 6070 Swap

    I'm pretty sure that there are some here that will love to hear what you have to find. Just giving you a taste of what you're in for, as I've been down this path choosing a tranny for the 302 swap in the Ranger.
  18. Tremec 6070 Swap

    Just as long as you do the research. What I listed above is just a general guideline for just about any car. While yes a T-6070 is basically a T-6060 with another overdrive gear, there can be other minor differences that can cause a major unforeseen headache. Did I mention research? :headbonk:
  19. HRE FlowForm FF15 or FF01...pretty pictures.

    FF01's by far.