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  1. btown93

    Value of 2013 GT500

    Also the DCT does not have a torque converter. Twice the man, zero sissy
  2. btown93

    2021 GT500 Order Banks Now Open! List Your Order

    Don’t get too hung up on priority codes. Priority codes are more designed for vehicle lines where you could have many vehicles on order such as explorers, trucks, etc where you would need to organize them in some fashion as it a large list of combined stock and retail units. A retail order would...
  3. btown93

    2020 GT500 TCM & PCM Updates

    Well yes, of course its good. The dealer lost $50 on parts alone! I don't think many places will make a habit of it. "MSRP" on the prices for these parts comes out to about $160. Add some labor, taxes, etc and now you are in that 180-200 range. I would not say you overpaid for your service, I am...
  4. btown93

    2020 GT500 TCM & PCM Updates

    It looks like that particular dealer uses menu pricing and charges a flat price of $84.95 for a synthetic oil change. It would explain the bizarre pricing.. labor at $21.12, filter $13.91 and fluid at $4.16/qt. Nobody would price things out like that. They clearly wanted it to end up at $84.95...
  5. btown93

    Considering Selling my Boss 302 to purchase a GT350

    I second what @Davesvt2000 said. You really can't go wrong with either car. Both are their own experience. It really depends on what areas you value. To me, advantage Boss 302 on personality, racey-er feel, and the Boss Recaros are slightly better than the Shelby ones IMO. Boss is more fun...
  6. btown93

    Accurate Tire Pressure Gauge Recommendation Not sure if you are familiar with OG but all of his stuff is vetted at a a pretty high level
  7. btown93

    First GT500 oil change

    Ford part number for the front GT500 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S 9OO4 73134 Ford part number for the front GT500 CFTP MICHELIN PILOT SPORT CUP 2 9OO4 49942
  8. btown93

    Speed Phenom is selling his GT500 CFTP...

    Plot twist, @Snoopy49 is speed phenom and helped everyone thru the process of following their builds....thus adding value to the forum without it being a cash grab..
  9. btown93

    Mustang Brake Recall

    Maybe they found a new vendor to make them cheaper..and when they were found to be of poor quality had to go back to the previous vendor
  10. btown93

    Guardsman Blue Stripes

    The current ford parts catalog refers to the “guardsman blue” stripes as being “sonic blue” for some reason in the OTT stripes.
  11. btown93

    What does this part go to?

    possibly one of the "doors" on the radiator fan assembly? they are hinged and that looks like it would clip on a rod
  12. btown93

    CFTP Wing by MPR Performance

    Are they available for purchase directly from multimatic?
  13. btown93

    Recaro seat Ford part#

    Ford does not service the seat as a complete assembly. Every part (cover, pad, frame, hardware, etc would have to be ordered separately and put together and would absolutely cost a fortune.
  14. btown93

    Shark fin antenna part #

    SSM 48678 - 2020 Mustang Coupe - Appearance Of The Satellite Radio Antenna - Built On Or After 31-Jan-2020 2020 Mustang coupe vehicles built on or after 31-Jan-2020 may have a satellite radio antenna that differs in appearance from vehicles built prior to this date.These vehicles may have a...
  15. btown93

    Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    It would be good to understand exactly what the warranty would consist of. For example, Roush/Ford performance superchargers do come with their own powertrain warranty, but still keep parts of the factory Ford warranty. In short, the 5/60 ford powertrain warranty is replaced by a Roush 3/36...
  16. btown93

    what's the going rate for an oil change at a dealership?

    Your engine has been designed to use engine oil that meets our specification or an equivalent engine oil of the recommended viscosity grade that meets API SN requirements for gasoline engines. Do not use supplemental engine oil additives because they are unnecessary and could lead to engine...
  17. btown93

    what's the going rate for an oil change at a dealership?

    Dealers can charge whatever they want for the oil/filter. Just like MSRP on a vehicle, there is MSRP on parts. Some charge more, some charge less. XO 5W50 QGT MSRP $10.26/qt X10 = 102.60 GR3Z 6731 A MSRP $26.16 (2015-mid 2017) spin on KR3Z 6731 A MSRP $38.51 (mid 2017-current) cartridge labor...
  18. btown93

    Part number help, please

    I think W712150-S300 will be what you are looking for. Its a rubber plug 25MM in diameter
  19. btown93

    Golden Ticket at Flammer Ford SH Florida

    I call dibs on yours :fingerscrossed::cwl::crackup:
  20. btown93

    The Non-Existent Part

    If you want, pm me your info, ill get one for you and if it’s not right, send it back