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  1. Angry50

    Definitive HFC Thread

    has anyone done cat deletes but leave the resonators in? this is the method i want to do. cat delete and e85 tune i think would make the car awesome
  2. Angry50

    used GT350 Purchase (40-50k range)

    You can also look for a CPO car that comes with extended warranty and better interest rates. i dont see an issue with getting a 17/18 "buyback" that now has a gen 2 voodoo in it. mine is actually a 17 that had a new replacement when i bought it. but with 100k mile power train im happy with the...
  3. Angry50

    Mistake driving a GT350

    i have a 17 I daily about 70 miles a day. so far so good.. i might get a "daily" someday
  4. Angry50

    Break-in dilemma question

    i bought mine with a replaced engine and drove it 200 miles home, i basically just avoided using cruise control, varied speed and occasionally down shifted to 4th or 5th for a a few RPM and so on. around 4000+ miles on this engine now. changed oil around 1000 miles to amsoil 5w50. i daily drive...
  5. Angry50

    2 YouTubers going to be rebuilding engine themselves after warranty denial.

    i find it mostly all good, but agree with previously stated. If you suspect issues with the car twin turbos should probably be put on hold lol. this is why im stock... lol 100k mile power train warranty FTW.
  6. Angry50

    Perf Shift Light Question...

    id say probably lol. but with out seeing exactly what youre doing its hard to say
  7. Angry50

    2019 Oil Usage

    gen 2 in my 17, a little over 3k miles daily driven and no noticeable oil usage.
  8. Angry50

    Looking for Stock GT350R 1/8 mile times

    No problem, i do what i can :thumbsup:
  9. Angry50

    Looking for Stock GT350R 1/8 mile times

    probably because theyre not very good. slower than a GT lol
  10. Angry50

    May pick up a 2019 GT350 Tomorrow

    i was curious why the 2019s recaros almost seem rare. i guess more people rather have the sport seats. Personally i want the recaro 100% i daily mine and have no issues.
  11. Angry50

    May pick up a 2019 GT350 Tomorrow

    did it have recaros? i noticed all my local 2019s have the sport seats.
  12. Angry50

    May pick up a 2019 GT350 Tomorrow

    i was looking at a boss but decided I wanted something with modern tech to daily. i wanted a 19 but was a tad out of my price range.
  13. Angry50

    A Voodoo in a $1.3 million dollar car!!!

    seems like maybe a voodoo block.. and maybe the crank
  14. Angry50

    Bringing GT350 Snake to life

    i need one! right meow!
  15. Angry50

    Put A Hole In My GT350R Hood

    thing is bad ass, i want that hood vent lol
  16. Angry50

    Brand spanky new R, throttle concern.. ?

    just a quick question.. do these hesitations happen in sport mode, normal mode, or both? i think i feel what you mean but only in normal mode.. sport feels solid.
  17. Angry50

    2019 Ford Company vehicle for sale

    I was looking for a 2019 but was disappointed to find none had the recaros. to me its a track car and needs track seats. but they are comfortable to me anyway lol
  18. Angry50

    2019 Ford Company vehicle for sale

    ugh I hate the leather sport seats
  19. Angry50

    2019 Ford Company vehicle for sale

    55k for a 2019? what options? that sounds pretty good. especially a cool factor of a PP code. does it count as used? see if they will do CPO and get that extra warranty.
  20. Angry50

    High Mile GT350?

    what about high track miles.. lol