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  1. atticuskid35

    Green antifreeze Performance Pack car

    Hey guys, Just got out of this Texas snow storm so I checked on my fluids. My car is a 2020 Ford mustang gt premium performance pack 1. My antifreeze is green and below min. I read in the manual not to mix colors and for the love of me cannot find the part number for this specific green...
  2. atticuskid35

    Ordering a new car. If you could have either the B&O stereo or active exhaust?

    Active Exhaust 100%. My favorite feature on my mustang
  3. atticuskid35

    Does anybody know if the parts are available for the brake pedal recall?

    I signed a purchase order for my car October 14. I couldn’t pick up the car till the brake pedal was replaced. The day I signed the purchase order the dealership put in an order for the brake pedal. I got a call November 10 saying it finally came in and was finished.
  4. atticuskid35

    BMR lowering springs question

    Looking to install bmr performance lowering springs (w/o magneride) with bmr caster camber plates... Should I also buy bmr rear camber adjustment lockout kit to make the alignment that much closer to ford spec? Thanks!
  5. atticuskid35

    Pirelli tires now on PP1 mustangs?

    I watched a few youtube videos showing the 2021 mustang gt pp1 and they have Pirelli tires on them instead of Michelin. Is that a new change for the performance pack this year???
  6. atticuskid35

    Detailing question on 2020 GT Premium

    I have a 2020 GT Premium 401a and my window sticker says the interior is leather trimmed... Is the top dashboard leather or is it vinyl? I’m asking because I want to make sure I use the correct cleaner on it and not ruin or discolor it. Thanks
  7. atticuskid35

    A10 4th going into 5th gear problem

    I always have it in sport +. I wasn’t sure if it’s still learning my driving style or there is in fact something wrong software related and needs a flash.
  8. atticuskid35

    A10 4th going into 5th gear problem

    So I just got a new 2020 mustang gt a10 and I’ve noticed when I’m in 4th gear going into 5th the car holds back and hesitates for a few seconds then shifts. Every other shift is super smooth and quick. I’ve read in my fb mustang group it’s a common problem with the 10 speeds and can be fixed...
  9. atticuskid35

    Custom exhaust for EcoBoost

    The x pipe just makes your exhaust sound kinda raspy imo. Regardless that set up will sound a ton better than stock.
  10. atticuskid35

    Custom exhaust for EcoBoost

    It’s probably stock exhaust with resonator delete and added an X pipe. There’s a lot of eco owners that do this set up. On fb there’s a couple ecoboost groups. Honestly the best exhaust for the eco imo is the Mbrp race catback sounds fucking killer and no drone.
  11. atticuskid35

    Anybody using clear bra on their cars

    Yes the day I purchased my GT I drove it right to the detail shop for paint correction and ppf. Honestly if you want to preserve the paint and look I would recommend keeping it on unless it already looks like shit. I’ve seen people remove it easily with a steamer.
  12. atticuskid35

    Trouble deciding on exhaust system

    I’m about to pull the trigger on the Borla Atak with black tips cat-back exhaust. Love the deep aggressive tone it gives off.
  13. atticuskid35

    2020 GT Recall waiting for part...

    If you’re near Stafford hit up Helfman Ford that’s where I got mine and the parts manager was super nice
  14. atticuskid35

    2020 GT Recall waiting for part...

    After 3 and a half weeks the bracket came into the dealership and was replaced. Pick up this past Friday!
  15. atticuskid35

    2020 Ford Mustang Recall! Brake pedal bracket could snap during sudden braking

    Yeah it was weird mine called me Yesterday and said all he can see is it’s on back order then I got the call today that it came in and the car is ready.
  16. atticuskid35

    2020 Ford Mustang Recall! Brake pedal bracket could snap during sudden braking

    What I did after a few weeks was get ahold of the parts manager and told him the situation. After that he kept me in the loop and was super helpful. He told me it’s about half a days work to fix the bracket once it comes in.