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  1. Lethal Performance- Spend Your Money Elsewhere

    I woke up to an email from Lethal saying they will be refunding me. Paypal shows the refund as pending so I will update once the refund is actually in my account. I don’t know if the refund was based on this thread or because the dispute I filed with my credit card yesterday. Either way, if they...
  2. Lethal Performance- Spend Your Money Elsewhere

    I will give you a call tomorrow. The whole situation is extremely disappointing to me. As soon as you guys received the pics I should have had a replacement sent out or been refunded. I chose to order from Lethal Performance, not Pypes directly. If Pypes is dicking around that should be...
  3. Lethal Performance- Spend Your Money Elsewhere

    Thanks for the info, I’ll try giving it a shot. According to Nick at Lethal someone higher up than him is the one who denied my refund at this point. It definitely isn’t my fault. UPS dropped the package off with a shotty tape job over a large hole in the box.
  4. Lethal Performance- Spend Your Money Elsewhere

    I purchased a pypes catback exhaust through Lethal Performance and received the package from UPS badly damaged. One of the exhaust pipes and all the hardware was missing from the package. The one exhaust pipe that I did received was dented on both ends. It appeared the damage was from being...
  5. Boostane Marine

    If it makes the same octane per gallon as the pro I would use it.
  6. No supercharger whine at all (sound tune)

    I have the foster stage 4 sound tube. It makes the whine in the car sound great.
  7. Nevada 2015 Whipple GT For Sale

    2015 performance package GT with Recaros and parking sensors. 23k miles. Comes with car cover and some oem/extra parts. I’m sure I’m missing some things but this is the main stuff. Located in Las Vegas. Clean title. Asking $33k, not in a hurry to sell. Engine and most mods were done 6k miles...
  8. Whipple Canned Tune and Long Tube Headers

    Yes, it will be fine with long tubes.
  9. Do all 1 piece driveshafts vibrate?

    I had an aluminum DSS and it vibrated a lot. I replaced it with a dynotech which is much better but still vibrates slightly around 80mph.
  10. MGW/Steeda/Burton/Boomba/Hurst Shifters

    My MGW is one of my favorite mods. Very happy with the quality.
  11. Florida Gen 3 short block

    are you offering this for $1200 shipped!? If so I’ll take it right now and I don’t even have a use for it.
  12. Higher mileage and boost

    I would boost it and build it when necessary.
  13. P0308 p0300 p0307 p0171.. piston rings? ughhh

    I would do a compression test and go from there.
  14. Anyone on e85 full time: upper lube?

    I use Lucas with every fill up
  15. Stereo Amps Cutting Out

    I tapped into a 12v source I found in one of the threads for the amp turn on. I am going to do some testing while having another person around to see what stuff I can rule out.
  16. Stereo Amps Cutting Out

    Thanks for the response. The battery terminals are nice and tight. My thought was the force from accelerating quickly was tugging on a wire or something but the box and amps are securely mounted so nothing should be moving. As far as the alternator goes, based on the research I did no changes...
  17. Stereo Amps Cutting Out

    Hello everyone. I recently completed my audio build in my 2015 base gt. I installed a kenwood headunit with metra kit, new speakers front and rear, two 10 inch subs, and two amps (one for speakers, one for subs). I ran a separate 4 gauge wire to each amp and made a nice short ground to the body...
  18. E85 Fuel System folks step inside - Maintenance

    After about 6k miles of running pump e85 (e70) I replaced my micro glass filter and to my surprise the filter looked spotless. I have seen pictures where people had very dirty looking filters or a gummy substance so I was expecting that. I guess it depends on the quality of the ethanol coming...