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  1. Georgia 2020 GT PP2 401A - asking 45k obo - Need to sell ASAP

    Sold. Out of the game again. Have a good one folks.
  2. Georgia 2020 GT PP2 401A - asking 45k obo - Need to sell ASAP

    Edit: Found my next ride. Beat what the dealer is giving me and she's yours. Don't miss out! Looking to sell my 2020 PP2. 9500 miles. Loaded (401A, Safe and Smart [adaptive cruise, etc] no Recaros) Black/Black Black emblems Practically new Michelin Pilot Sport 4s (less than <4000) 305/30/19s...
  3. Georgia 18+ GT350R steering wheel and red Raceseng Ashiko

    Bump still available. Also have a brushed aluminum Raceseng Slammer now.
  4. Georgia Roll Call

    Oh man, I'm heading from Cumming. Guess I better get up early 😂
  5. Project LOUDCAR - 2018 GT350 - J0006 - Autocross focused street car

    Parked next to you at Lowe's a few weeks back. Sweet ride!
  6. Georgia Roll Call

    Anyone else planning on going to the show? Looks like we're got a handful already - 90% I'll be there, hopefully with a clean car, but construction up my way is brutal.
  7. Ford GT and Mustang GT had a baby- umm never seen this body kit before

    Been driving around with it in GTA for a while now lol.
  8. What can we do for You?

    Same! :)
  9. Georgia Roll Call

    I might be heading that way too - maybe we can get the PP2s near each other. I never see any others around.
  10. exterior mods pics please

    Installed Drake turn signal covers and tinted the fogs yellow. Not sure how I feel about it yet. Ignore the filth, she's been on the road a lot lately.
  11. Georgia WTB Mach 1 Active Exhaust

    I already have a Borla SwitchFire, don't want to go insane lol, I've got neighbors
  12. Georgia WTB Mach 1 Active Exhaust

    Bump - Still looking.
  13. Georgia 2018 GT350 w/ Gen V Whipple

    Damn where were you 6 months ago. It would be in my garage right now! Good luck with the sale, she's gorgeous.
  14. Georgia Roll Call

    I'd love to, but I think when I take her there it's going to be for a supercharger too.
  15. Drake turn signal covers for 18/19

    I know OP is banned, but does anyone know where the little fender lips came from? They're not quite the GT500 style - I like these a lot better. Any help would be much appreciated!
  16. Georgia Roll Call

    Any recommendations in the north GA area for a performance shop? Looking at getting a Steeda Tri-Ax Race Shifter, but don't have the time to take it all the way to Valdosta, and don't have a lift to do it myself. Thanks!
  17. Borla SwitchFire

    Did you ever upload them? I'm torn between the SwitchFire and Corsa Double H..
  18. Utah ($500) Borla switchfire X pipe 60662 new in box

    Shipping estimate to 30040? Interested.