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  1. Latest Record

    Knocking on the doors of the 8's, nice.
  2. Countach Returns

    That's hot, so 80's throwback.
  3. Official: 2022 Maverick Pickup Truck Starts Under $20K and Gets 40MPG

    Nice, I totally get it. Maverick would be all the truck I need for the occasional bag of fertilizer or miscellaneous hardware store run. Looking into getting a stripper 2.0 EB FWD
  4. Favorite Car You've Owned Besides Your Mustangs

    Ugly as f*ck but fast enough. Dodge Aries factory 5 speed car swapped to Daytona Shelby Z powertrain.
  5. Post Your Day 1 vs. Now Mustang Pics

    May 2019 - July 2021 (Present)
  6. A10 in wife’s new Explorer vs Mustang A10

    Thank you, no concern. :thumbsup: Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on some TSB or update.
  7. A10 in wife’s new Explorer vs Mustang A10

    What years are eligible for the updated software or is it just an 2018 only thing?
  8. Noise after Intercooler install

    Make sure your interrcooler charge pipe couplers (edit) are not upside down. I been through this same song and dance 2 years ago: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/boost-leak-trumpet-noise-after-cvf-pipes-and-ic-upgrade.124005/...
  9. Jon Lund Jr. Discusses The Future of Tuning Modern Vehicles

    QFT, I felt as if I lost brain cells watching that... What on earth does that have to do with motorsports, community, technical know-how, and the love of automobiles? Forget these people having respect for others, they don't even have respect for themselves or their own vehicles. Social media...
  10. Ecoboom

    A good read: https://www.mustang6g.com/forums/threads/oil-fyi-asmoil-to-release-anti-lspi-signature-series-in-sept.89210/ And to quote: I know locals (one being an Amsoil rep's son) who popped an Ecoboost running Amsoil SS. To say 100% LSPI protection is terrible MLM marketing, not taking...
  11. Tune or not ?

    Taking an educated guess the creator of that video just did an engine swap and most likely the flames came from a fuel leak from something not connected properly (ie* injector o-rings pinched, loose quick disconnect, pinched line etc.) or leaking. Though his first engine appeared to be destroyed...
  12. Ford giving up on the Ecoboost HPP already?

    A10 (base bolt-on/stock tune non PP car here) totally transforms the car and is fun to drive to boot. Punches above cars of its class. I could never go back to the MT82. If/when I go GT I'll be getting some A10 variant too considering how well those do bone stock.
  13. How bad did ford Sandbag the Ecoboost?

    You're right and wrong at the same time. Removing the torque reduction (which includes making little to no boost in 1st gear) is what would speed up the death of the 2.3EB. In an ideal situation (where block flexing isn't an issue) you do want it remove which is what makes your car quicker and...
  14. How bad did ford Sandbag the Ecoboost?

    Strongly agreed, simply the wrong tool for that job.
  15. How bad did ford Sandbag the Ecoboost?

    Thank you for a level-headed response. I respectfully disagree and say it is a problem for us as enthusiasts. We will see with time how much of it is a problem to the standard owner as most do not keep a car into the 100K range in modern times. Yes, you are correct they hands are tied with...
  16. How bad did ford Sandbag the Ecoboost?

    The 2.3 does not have a suitable valvetrain stock to hit 8k RPM on HPP or non-HPP. These are not Voodoos. I do not believe a reputable tuner would allow you to rev that high without the proper supporting valvetrain mods to avoid float etc. There have been engines in the Duratec family in other...
  17. How bad did ford Sandbag the Ecoboost?

    That is you adding tone to text, that still doesn't change the fact that it is weaker than legacy pedestrian engines (not the Coyote or GTR engines or whatever absurd comparisons but comparable economy engines from Ford) from Ford of the past from the same family that surpass the EB without...
  18. How bad did ford Sandbag the Ecoboost?

    Annd there you go again twisting my words and projecting. I said "all" 4 cylinders should be able to do that? Please cite that. I am also still waiting for the cite of where I mentioned anything referring to a tuner talking about Spanish castings vs. later castings? Both castings are irrelevant...
  19. How bad did ford Sandbag the Ecoboost?

    Lol wtf? I do not see why you are popping off on me and getting emotional for providing a simple answer for those who do want to make numbers over 350whp. And I am sorry but yes these engines are fragile compared to similar displacement engines from the same engine family from Ford in the past...
  20. How bad did ford Sandbag the Ecoboost?

    Then this thread does not really address you nor is anyone complaining lol. I repeat, like my engine for stock DD duty (along with getting advertised MPGs) however I know if I change my mind I am going to pay to play and do it correctly. We're simply discussing the solution for those who may...