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  1. Off to a rough start with 2016 GT

    Pretty sure his stock 18 injectors are different than Gen 2 injectors.
  2. That Stangmode guy ran an S650 A10 in the 1/4 mile - either car is slow or he cant drive

    Yeah we definitely don't run the averrage times here at Utah elevation and air quality.
  3. Coyote Longevity Prospects

    I've just started that video and he keeps calling the Boss 302 a coyote... Edit: Got to the Road Runner comparo screen. Nevermind.
  4. Air intake help

    Yes it does, it needs to be tuned for though.
  5. I Hate Microsoft

    Turn off Website Typo protection under settings/privacy search and services.
  6. Transmission swap from 10 speed to 6 speed

    In a thread here in the same section regarding a TH400 swap, someone mentioned all they needed was the PCM flashed to a manual one to put whatever they wanted behind the engine. Wiring for reverse gear stuff was all that was needed electronically. Sounds like it would be the same when putting a...
  7. Unwarranted MT82 hate

    I'm kind of beating myself up for letting the forums talk me out of the MT82. Auto is so boring.
  8. JP Tuning / Matt Honeycutt - Another option using SCT

    I hope so, I would like it. I can't wait for the tune cause I'm really tired of my lazy shifting 6R80 taking all the fun out of the car.
  9. JP Tuning / Matt Honeycutt - Another option using SCT

    My X4 comes in on Sunday and I plan to pull the trigger on a JP tune. I would like factory throttle sensitivity and a "Roll Race" tune were in "paddle" mode while holding a gear if I go WOT it auto shifts at the desired max rpm. Would I just input this request in the last box on the site that's...
  10. Flashing over a Ford Performance tune?

    For my 2016, it's a ProCal 3. I don't remember it having any cloud features.
  11. Flashing over a Ford Performance tune?

    Hi, I currently have a PP2 tune on my 16 GT. I have lost the stock tune that I had saved when I wiped and sold my laptop. Wondering if I will run into any problems flashing over it with an SCT X4? Thanks.
  12. 6R80 roll race tunes

    I'd love to add this to my power pack 2 tune.
  13. JP Tuning / Matt Honeycutt - Another option using SCT

    I noticed there isn't a 91 octane option in the drop down menu on the site. Is a 91 tune available?
  14. Ford Mustang GT 2017 5.0

    That coolant tank looks like its from a Vortech supercharger kit. I would say that's what was on it before.
  15. Miles to empty 2017 GtPP

    Yeah just hit OK?
  16. GT350 intake with GT500 airbox / cover?

    Honestly after monitoring temps for a while now, it's still hotter than a stock intake. Better than without the box though.
  17. Final gut check - about to buy a GT350

    I am very aware of the maintenance that needs to be on point. I also only drive 2k miles a year at most lol.
  18. Final gut check - about to buy a GT350

    Is 47k not a good deal for a 350? I've been waiting for them to fall below 50k before I get one. I'd likely daily it other than winter. Is it terrible for that? Sorry for threadjack if it is.