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  1. Howdy folks! Coming from a C7 Zo6 and GT350

    Thanks for the replies! Well I ordered a Mach 1 at MSRP from my local dealer. $500 refundable refund. They said it is 5 or 6 months out. Confirmed they do have an allocation. What do you all think of the build? The handling package mostly for looks. Will take the cup 2's off and mount PS4...
  2. Howdy folks! Coming from a C7 Zo6 and GT350

    Hello Folks!! Back in 2016 I got into a GT350. It was an amazing car but needed 2 engine replacments. Ford bought it back in 2017. The GT350 was replaced with a 2017 C7Zo6. It is about to roll 100,000 miles and is up for sale. Used car prices are nuts and I don't want to have to worry about...
  3. Damage to exterior/interior

    I don't see how anyone can enjoy their car worrying about small imperfections. You have a Ford, not a Porsche. Drive it, enjoy it. Life is short.
  4. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    Amsoil is all I ever used and both engines used lots of oil.
  5. GT350 Oil & Oil Analysis Thread

    This was my analysys when the car first started using oil. Ford replaced the engine a couple months later after the car was using more than 2 quarts every fillup.
  6. Anyone break in engine properly AND have oil consumption issues?

    The original engine and replacment engines had the same careful breakin procedure and they both used mass amounts of oil. Careful to vary RPM, some 75% throttle pulls to help seat rings. Changed the oil about 200 miles. The oil had more glitter than you would believe on both engines. Never...
  7. GT350R Valuations Declining?

    The Voodoo with FI is a grenade on wheels. Show me a GT350 FI with more than 15,000 miles.
  8. What will it reduce my oil consumption?

    Having an engine replaced is really not a big deal. This is done all the time. There are a few things to consider. Talk to the service manager and make sure they take the engine out by the subframe, not out the top of the hood. This i how it went in the car and is the way it should come out...
  9. Supercharger options with out changing drive train on GT350

    I wouldn't even put an aftermarket air filter on a GT350. In the 9 months I had the car it went through 2 engines. Can't imagine how screwed I would have been if I had pulled the trigger on the E85 Lund tune which was the plan a month after I brought the car home. A power adder will only...
  10. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    This is one I saw in person. Ugly https://imgur.com/a/ZfypQxa
  11. Replaced Voodoo Engine

    You would think it would smoke but they don't. My first engine was going through more than a quart every tank of fuel and I never saw smoke. The back of the car was covered in soot but no smoke. At my request they replaced the catalytic converters knowing they were being over worked. Sammy
  12. Corded Tires - Feedback Requested

    I would be very happy with 18,000 miles on a set of tiers. It wouldn't be worth the loss of handling to have it aligned to get that last bit out of the tires unless you really want it. Just my opinion.
  13. Your GT350 Forum Screen Name

    Sammy here. Thanks for this thread since I am a daily lurker and don't have a GT350 anymore. Nothing more to add.
  14. 2017 Z06 supercharged vs base 17 GT

    We have Wednesday night drags at our local track Sonoma Raceway. I'd be willing to meet up for a friendly drag race but I seriously doubt we're even in the same state.
  15. 2017 Z06 supercharged vs base 17 GT

    Let's meet up at a road corse watch me gap your ass.
  16. Oil consumption headache

    The catalytic converters take care of the smoke. Both of my engines used more than a quart every tank of gas. I never saw any smoke. The back of the car was black with soot though. When cold starting the cats would drip when warming up. There are still black soot stains from the condensate in my...
  17. Track Attack Sold Out

    You and I were in the same class. I couldn't agree more. Overall it was decent for what it was. The second day was a complete waste of money. Minimal instruction on the first day, zero instruction on the second day. Just a stern warning on over-running the engine. You blow it you pay for it...
  18. Oil consumption headache

    The issue was unknown to me when I got the car. The original engine and replacement engines used huge amounts of oil. At worst I was stopping for oil before gas. The back of the car was black with soot. The car always had 100% power and drove amazing. I still lurk here because the car was...
  19. Is there a way to remove the oil filter without making a mess?

    Break the filter loose then poke a hole in the filter? There is still oil backed up behind the check valve so a mess will be made. Taking it to a mechanic you trust is the only other way to avoid getting dirty.
  20. Moving the Goalposts

    I paid $10,000 over 2 years ago.