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  1. GT350 0, Winter 1

    So my car got its first sub-freezing cold soak... and the windows froze. Well as I'm sure you know the Mustang has a auto down when the door opens and a auto up when its fully closed to get a proper seal. With the windows frozen the door opens fine, but the glass then hits the hard window...
  2. Toyota GT86 )subaru BRZ) vs GT350 at the Ring.

    Looks like our fellow member from Germany hit the Nurburgring for some fun. [ame=""]
  3. Evo Magazine Review of GT350... and a couple other cars

    http://www.evo.co.uk/porsche/911-r/17550/evo-221-on-sale-now-porsche-911r-mustang-gt350-audi-s1-wrx Don't have a copy, but just came across its existence. Sounds like a nice little hill climb and road trip with the GT350.
  4. 50 mile review of Base GT350.

    So, um... Torqueless? 2K is fine to pile on a few mph at highway speeds. 3K is already exiting the realm of mortal cars. 4K is better than most sports car dreams of. 7K is deep into "mommy, make the bad man stop" levels of noise and horizon warping. I wouldn't know about 8k as I haven't had the...