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  1. Father's Day Cruise NW Style

    I got to participate in an AMAZING cruise this past weekend for Father's Day. (7) Seven of us meet between Portland and Seattle for breakfast then enjoyed a long drive through various canyons, cliffs - hell even the impromptu auto X @ Packwood where we were greeted by hardcore AUTO X'ers with...

  3. Lead Foot Gray 2018 GT350

  4. The Birth of GRAB R - Promo Video

    Finally finished shooting/editing this video for Benchmark Auto Salon . . . hope you all enjoy!
  5. HR213 - "GRAB R"

    Got a text @ 730am Friday that my car had arrived late Thurs. evening to the dealership. Brushed my teeth, put on a cap and skee-daddled on over to the dealer. Lurking behind good company, I arrived and the car was not touched and still wrapped in all factory packing. I got the chance to...
  6. Quick Drive GT350R w/Randy Pobst + Carlos Lago Motor Trend

    Maybe I didn't search hard enough, but I didn't find this posted here yet? [ame]
  7. Countdown to GRAB R

    Well, I got news today that my car ("GRAB R") is in Montana - so things are getting real close for me. Just wanted to say I've been on this site before the first cars were even shipped and seen people come and go from 6G. I've met some amazing new friends here on this site, gents I've now...
  8. Liquid Blue - stroke of luck!!

    Probably will be moved to another forum area, but one lucky gent scored the 1 of 1 Liquid Blue Fiesta ST w/White surround Recaro's. . . Ford Performance Show Car (like the R model Launch and also featured @ last years (4) Track Tours a.k.a R chassis VP001)...
  9. FORD GT Ordering Process

    For those of you interested and following: [ame]
  10. 350 Track Attack 10/13/16

    A buddy and I just got back from Track Attack tonight and I'd highly recommend this nice treat that Ford gives you for purchasing these sweet ride(s). I've been tracking cars for the last 4 years so I do have seat time on various tracks and in various cars. What I really liked about the...
  11. Fall / Winter Tires for R Model

    Howdy, just passing along the info that Tire Rack has some sets left of the Continental CONTIFORCE CONTACT at Blow out pricing. I just picked up a set 305/30/19"s for $823.00 **total** shipped to my door. I am using these with the R replica wheels for cooler winter temps and potentially...
  12. Calling GR089 or GR091?

    Anyone have these chassis numbers on their R model? :shrug:
  13. Anyone know what this is?

    @ 2:34 "Super Snake" Is it a Shelby American car? [ame]
  14. Mannheim Results 3 x 15's + 1 x R' Model

    Today the x 3 2015 test vehicles sold between $62-63K and the R went for $83.5K at Mannheim for anybody wondering.
  15. MSRP Deal in Tampa - Magnetic Track Pack with White Stripes

    Howdy 6G'ers. Posting this for my brother, he ordered and put a deposit on a Magnetic Track Pack car and it was just delivered and he's not taking the car. If you're interested PM me and I'll get you in touch with him.:cheers:
  16. Two 2016 GT350's Available @ Elder Ford - Tampa, FL.

    Howdy, My good friend just entered the car sales business and is working @ Elder Ford in Tampa, Fl. His name is Derek Gonzales (813-300-1375) After discussions the last couple of days and a botched 2016 "R" package deal he alerted me there are two 2016 spots left for order. . . build how you...
  17. Future GT350 Owners, Pac NW

    Yello ladies and gentleman, thought to start a thread for the future owners of the GT350. I'm in Seattle, apparently late August, Early Sept. I should be getting my car. Reach out, let's keep in touch! :thumbsup:
  18. GT350R scares women, Supercars of London Feature

    For many of us who saw Ford's last commercial with the GT350R in the streets of London post Goodwood Festival of Speed - here's some outtakes and in car shots of the car that the STIG drove. Voila [ame]