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  1. Colorado NEW - red stitching "Redline" premium interior parts - fits all S550 Mustangs

    I'd really rather keep the set together as I believe it'll be easier to sell complete rather than piecemeal. That said, if it's still sitting in my garage in a few weeks I might think differently.
  2. Colorado NEW - red stitching "Redline" premium interior parts - fits all S550 Mustangs

    I'm selling brand new, unused soft-touch console parts with the red stitching, specifically: JR3Z-63044E50-AA Finish Panel This is the large console panel that wraps around the SYNC, holds the shift boot and cup holder, and under the compartment doot JR3Z-6304609-AA Panel...
  3. So long, and thanks for all the fun - goodbye GT350R, hello Porsche 911

    I’ve barely had a chance to wring the 911T out but I have a few immediate observations about how it contrasts to the GT350R. Seats: I’m 6’4” and 220lbs with a 34” inseam. I thought I fit in the GT350R. I did not. The Porsche carbon fiber buckets feel like I’m back in the womb. Best seats I’ve...
  4. Colorado 2x Schroth Quick Fit Pro harnesses

    I sold my GT350R so it's time to sell the harnesses as well. Used 3 times. The cheapest I've found these is $360 each new. Asking $420 for the pair shipped anywhere in the continental US.
  5. So long, and thanks for all the fun - goodbye GT350R, hello Porsche 911

    Last week I parted ways with my 2016 GT350R. Grown man tears were shed. Shelby ownership has been a life-long dream. When I was 6 my dad took me to the Contemporary Classics factory in Mamaroneck, NY to see the Cobra replicas built there. I was hooked. In high school I bought a rusted out ‘68...
  6. Colorado NEW: SRP Racing pedals for 2015+ Mustang - $110 shipped

    These are brand new, never installed SRP Racing pedals with the satin grid finish. Includes dead pedal and clutch pedal. The gas pedal is the “medium” size that is slightly wider to ease heel-toe. New they cost $129 + tax and shipping. They fit all S550 Mustangs from 2015-2021. I’m asking $110...
  7. Does your GT350 make this sound?

    Interesting! To be clear, 150ft-lbs caused the squeak or fixed the squeak?
  8. Does your GT350 make this sound?

    Interesting thought. Correct, it doesn't make the sound turning right. It's possible that the low speed left creates the highest dynamic forces. I suppose some asymmetry in the steering mechanism might cause that.
  9. Does your GT350 make this sound?

    My 2016 GT350R makes a loud, squealing/groaning sound when turning left at low speeds. It's hard to capture just how loud it is when in the car, but I've managed to reproduce the sound and record it here: GT350R squeal when turning left Does anyone else experience this sound with their GT350?
  10. New 2020 GT350 HEP engine failure

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    Eek. Any track days on this wheel during the summer? Maybe heavy duty track use + Florida summer = more heat than the material can handle?
  12. New 2020 GT350 HEP engine failure

    Facts? On the internet!? :D With some cooperation between members and some Googlesleuthing we could at least see if there’s some correlation clumping of failures and estimated build dates. Seems like our heads are in the same place. Cool. FWIW, the non-HEP R I have my eye on has an October...
  13. New 2020 GT350 HEP engine failure

    I’ve read most of this thread, but frankly had to skim a bit to not get sucked into the “debate.” Question: has anyone been able to correlate VIN or engine number with the 2020 failures? I’m thinking about replacing my 2016 R with a 2020 R... or a 911.
  14. Inner versus outer OEM front brake pads

    A belated THANKS to you all. I borowed that picture form the internet when searching for that P/N. My new pads did not come with the Brembo grease, and produced no squeaking once installed. I called my local dealer who found the pads in stock at another about an hour from me. The retail price...
  15. Inner versus outer OEM front brake pads

    Hey all, I’m replacing the front pads on my 2016 GT350R with OEM parts. I can’t find any description as to which part numbers are inner, versus outer. To the best of my understanding, we want the squeal inducing bit, that copper colored tab in the pads in front below, to be on the inside. Is...
  16. UPDATE - 89 days at the dealer - Ford Service Engineer in-person assessment - new steering rack - not fixed

    I’ve already missed the prime driving and track season here in Colorado. At this point there’s just not an urgency, other than my wish to use my $70,000+ car that has only 8,000 miles on the clock. That, and once lawyers get involved everybody loses a little bit. Perhaps legal mediation is a...
  17. UPDATE - 89 days at the dealer - Ford Service Engineer in-person assessment - new steering rack - not fixed

    Update: 89 days at the dealer and still no resolution. The car sits at the dealership, and I’ve been told that a Ford Service Engineer isn’t able to fly out (again) until June 2021. Because I’m on a Ford extended warranty and not the factory warranty that came with the car, it’s questionable...
  18. Looking For Rear Seat Delete Seat Belt Covers

    That’s how they come even in a GT350R, or at least that’s how mine came.
  19. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    Thanks for the 4 post info. I just got my floors coated and have started on the ceiling and wall storage. The goal is to put a lift in the tall & deep spot (far right) while also being able to back the Jeep in and use the ceiling hoist to pull the top. Not sure that’s gonna be possible.
  20. Shelby GT350 Garage Photos

    Nice! I'm excited for you! Stupid question: do 4 post lifts always lift from underneath the tire? I'm wondering how you do tire off brake and suspension work. I have seen "bridges" for sale that seem to sit between the lift's ramps. Is that the way to do it?