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  1. Octane and bolt ons

    I have a question about the impact of higher octane gas on a bolt on V6. I have a larger intake pipe, GT throttle body and GT exhaust currently on my car. I have run Shell 87 since it was new and just filled up my tank today with Shell 93. I understand the basics of octane and the purpose of...
  2. 10,000 Miles, 5 Weeks, 2 College kids

    The title says it all...10,000 miles in just over a month, over 30 states visited, and all in my modded 2015 V6! My car is not "built", just as a heads up, but it does have a very unique suspension and intake as well as IRS mods which I will detail. I am making this post mainly incase anyone has...
  3. Best ATF

    I'm getting to just about 35,000 miles now and was wondering what everyone is using as a replacement for the stock Mercon LV automatic transmission fluid. I know it is always safer to use the stock fluid but I would like to get a higher quality synthetic fluid in there if possible. I was going...
  4. passenger side rattle after caster/camber plates

    I know caster/camber plates make some increased noise due to the bushing being replaced by a spherical bearing, but I have an odd rattle coming from that area while driving over pretty smooth roads. I was wondering if this may be a symptom of something or if it is just the nature of the...
  5. IAT showing excessive heat

    Hey guys, I intalled a GT throttle body and a new 3.5inch diameter aluminum intake pipe that goes from the air box to the throttle body. My IAT have been about 10 degrees above normal ever since, which I did not think was an issue. Fast forward to the last three days, all over 90 degrees...
  6. Where to buy OEM pads online?

    I've been looking for OEM Base GT brake pads front and back online and can't seem to find the right ones. Does anyone know where would be a good place to get them?
  7. RP 75W-90 Differential Oil Gear Hum/Groan

    Hello everyone, I have been replacing my stock fluids over the past few weeks in preparation for a 10k mile road trip this summer. Since Midas changed out my rear differential fluid two weeks ago I have been having a groaning or humming noise occurring during on-thottle sharp turns, where the...
  8. catalytic converter

    Does anyone know the correct part number for a 2015 mustang v6 drivers side catalytic converter? Stealership installed a bum one and wont fix it. **Found it! How do I delete this thread?
  9. Royal Purple HPS vs API-certified

    I just ordered a case of 6qts of RP HPS and my friend is giving me grief that since it is not warranty compliant as soon as I put it in my car my entire powertrain warranty is void....as if adapting a GT throttle body to fit my V6 isn't voiding it enough. My real question is do I have anything...
  10. Spring Weight

    What does the weight of springs have to do with their performance? I have seen steeda ultralight springs and am wondering what their lightness benefits?
  11. BMR SP080 with Steeda Pro Action (non-adj)

    I think I found the ultimate daily driver combination.... Seriously, though, I just got my 2015 V6 auto back from the shop with this combo installed and all I can say is WOW. Ride is much smoother than stock yet there is much less body roll in corners and very little nose dive as well. Bumps...
  12. Drivers side footwell rattle

    I recently had one of my catalytic converters replaced under warranty and since then I hear a rattle in the driver's side footwell that gets louder and faster with more pedal input. I've taken it to 2 dealerships and no one else can hear it apparently so I'm trying to figure out what's going on...
  13. Vertical Link Reviews?

    Has anyone put on any aftermarket vertical links and what did you notice in the handling and the NVH?

    So.....in your humble opinion.....what would you say is the most important first IRS mod that anyone should do? I have seen a lot of info on lower control arm bushings being a great bang for the buck mod and I know from experience the BMR CB005 lockout kit is almost a must have, but I'm...
  15. Lightweight Pulleys

    Does anyone know of any companies that make lightweight pulleys for the V6? I have MMR's water pump pulley and although it didn't add 50hp :lol: it does feel better than stock for sure. I was wondering if anyone knew of somewhere I could get the other pulleys?
  16. CB006 for V6 Interest?

    Currently the CB006 is only available for the GT and ECO boost mustangs due to clearance issues. The CB007 is a great piece for GT350 mustangs but, having tried to put a CB006 on my V6 that the fitment is so close. I was thinking if the V6 crowd on here showed BMR some interest that maybe they...
  17. Black trunk with spoiler delete option WANTED

    Looking to make a trade or outright buy a black mustang trunk for my black trunk with black painted pony and the small spoiler that comes with the 051A package. I am in the Long Island and Newark, Delaware areas. PM me!
  18. Oil Catch

    Anyone using the UPR or JLT oil catch cans? Which one would you guys recommend? They look pretty similar to me :shrug:
  19. check engine light at 7250 miles

    Just got a check engine light driving up I-95. Pulled over to turn the car off and on and the light is still there. There isnt any vibration and the engine feels fine, there is just a pinging type sound at idle. Oil pressure and temp is good as is the a/f ratio and cylinder head temperature. I'm...
  20. front lower control arm bolt part #

    Anyone know, or can help me, fine the part # for the front lower control arm bolts? I stripped them trying to get to that crazy high torque spec :shrug: Any help or advice is appreciated!