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  1. Beefcake Racing A+

    Like always...a smooth transanction A+ Thanks again @beefcake
  2. Wanna hear a joke?

    Im in P.R and we dont have E85 at the pump readily available around here. A few weeks ago the manager of a gas station told me that he was getting E85 soon. And he did....$2.74 a liter....$10 a gallon. smh
  3. Apex Wheels

    I think I found my next wheels. APEX VS-5RS 19x10.0" ET40 (19.8lbs) and 19x11.0" ET52 (20.4lbs) https://www.apexraceparts.com/shop-by-vehicle/ford/s550-mustang/19x10-et40-apex-vs-5rs-forged-mustang-wheel.html
  4. The best Coyote oil funnel

    Today I received the oil funnel made by @pilotgore . Very impressed with the quality of the piece and love the colors. No more messing around holding the funnel Took a few pics and video for you guys. Highly recommended!
  5. LTH Headers

    Just received the LTH Headers. Let me tell you guys, this headers are absolutely beautiful. Installation will be in around 2 weeks with a before and after dyno #s. Thanks to my buddy Terry @beefcake for a great price and customer service.
  6. Another one for Terry @ Beefcakeracing

    A buddy of mine bought a 2013 Mustang GT. The car is pretty much stock except for a Boss intake and a Airaid Cai. He asked me about what mods to get and from who. I told him lets contact @beefcake and ask him about mods combination for the 2013. Got a quote from Terry on friday Oct 15 for AWE...
  7. Its here..AWE-Tuning Catback

    Just got my AWE-tuning Catback Touring Edition with Black tips. I ordered it back in June. Terry told me back then a lead time of 2-3mo. I said no problem. Last month Geena from Beefcake sent me an email with an update and possible ship date. Ran into an issue with Fedex and contacted Terry...
  8. Cquartz 3.0 and Scholl Concepts S20

    Well, after reading a lot and watching a lot of videos I decided to apply a ceramic coating to the car. Started today with: -Meguiars Shampoo Plus and 2oz of Purple power on a foam cannon. - Hand-washed using Meguiars Wash Plus+ - Iron decon -Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay bar with Wolfgang Uber...
  9. Blink and its over.

    Life. Got news last monday that a former colleague died. He was not my friend but I've known him for 5-6 years. Good guy, disciplined soldier. Deployed with the same unit. Motorcycle accident on April 5th and they disconnected him last monday. Didnt make it. Just like that he's gone. Back in...
  10. Here we go..Steeda suspension

    How's everybody doing? I just ordered some Steeda goods. I went with Steeda Stop the Hop Starter Kit (555-4455) and the Minimum Drop Springs (555-8223). I will install FRPP Track struts with the springs. I would like to give HUGE thanks to @beefcake , not only for working with me on price and...
  11. First Engine Oil Analysis

    Hi, I just got an email from Blackstone Oil Analysis. I sent them a sample of the engine oil of my Mustang. My car had 2 months/ 1,800 miles at the time. I will be doing an oil analysis every 6months to keep a record.
  12. Amsoil SS 5W30 vs Pennzoil Ultra Platinum 5W30

    No, no. Its not another thread of "what I think or what do guys recommend" I dont know if this video has been posted before but its really good for some of us that dont understand that well the technical jargon of some specs.
  13. Going to the dealer tomorrow-*Ordered first mod*

    Hello guys, I've been negotiating with a local Ford dealer for the last 2 days. Car is a 2020 GT PP1, 301A, A10, Ford Safe&Smart. Before you guys scream at me because of the price, I am living in Puerto Rico and we pay an import tax on all vehicles. On this case it's a 20% aprox tax , yes...