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  1. I bought a Porsche...SUV...what?!

    My wife was due for a new car and we did a lot of research and drove a lot of different brands before setting on a Macan. Her last two cars were Ford Edge's...the '15 Sport we just turned in (from it's lease) was a really nice car. But she's been pining for something a little more 'edgy.'...
  2. AG GT350 on HWY 9 today?

    wondering if the owner of the GT350 that I saw today on HWY 9 is a member here? Track pack, AG with white stripes...looked fantastic! I have you a thumbs up from my very-blue focus.
  3. 10 Seconds of fun video for your Friday

  4. The R has arrived

    my dealer just pinged me...they'd just been notified that the convoy was on the way...then, 10 minutes later, this: leaving now to go fetch it ;-)
  5. OBD2 Adapter / Software Recommendations

    I'm interested in playing around with them for kicks and giggles, but am also considering using an ipad mounted where the 'R' blank on the console is (non-electronics package car) to monitor vehicle info. (I might also use that ipad as a head unit to drive tunes through some bluetooth speakers...
  6. 350R is finally built!

    with an original production date of Aug 24, and an actual production date of Nov 19. No complaints...I'm just thrilled to be able to be getting one of these tasty beasts. Now the rail car tracking / stalking begins ;-)
  7. For those with VIN's - build timing

    Thought it would be useful to pull together info that we have from folks who already have VIN's and match that to scheduled build dates so we can get a sense for the pace at which they expect to be building the cars. The R versus non-R mix may have an influence as well...so post that as well...
  8. GT350's at Moterery Historics; hot laps and some in-person impressions

    My son and I cruised down today to check out the Historics at Laguna Seca yeasterday...nice drive over Hwy 17 through the Santa Cruz mountains and then down Hwy 1 (the Coast hwy) in the Boss. Parked right near the paddock as there really aren't a lot of people there on Thursdays for the...
  9. GT350 North American Track Tour

    https://reg.attendeenet.com/profile/web/index.cfm?PKWebId=0x3573a620&varPage=home Anyone else here get an invite? I'll be at the LS event on the 28th.
  10. Boss 302s Ford Racing wheels w/ Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires and Orange TPMS

    19x9 and 19x10 '302s' wheels (same as LS wheels but in black / machined), curb rash on three of them. tires are P-zero Corsas in stock sizes (285/30 and 255/35) The tires have 2-3/32 tread remaining (just had them inspected at the tire shop). They start, new, with 6/32 tread depth and are...
  11. Has anyone see Avalanche and doesn't like it?

    I'm pretty conflicted. I always get white cars...I love white cars...and I've always wanted a classic white / blue gt350. I've got an R on order and, after seeing pics of Avalanche on the web, chose Avalanche over white. (Ava with black stripes) The reasoning being that it feels like a modern...