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  1. Lack-Luster Experience: First Order

    Recently completed an order. As a matter of fact, first time orderinbanted to share as there were some challenges. Did a phone order, upon completion of order confirmation noticed that part didn’t align with what I told over the phone. It was bit of hassle but props to their customer service, it...
  2. Labor day sale 2021?

    Wonder if you guys are having one this year? …guys had one last few years, I haven’t seen anything yet about it this year?
  3. Minnesota Locating a 2017 GT350 Resonator?

    Hi All - Picked up a 17’ 350 and would like to put the resonator back on. Anyone have a set they’re taking off or know where to go? I’ve called around to a couple dealerships and checked with beef cake racing, coming up empty. Thanks
  4. False Advertising & Bait n’ Switch Tatics (Buyer Beware)

    For everyone interested, one of the rotating banners on the forum home page is Americanmuscle discount 6%. The code isn’t valid as of July 31 yet it’s still be rotated through as of August 20. When I sent notification to AM. They refused to honor what there currently advertising. Beware
  5. AMSOIL Ea Universal Air Induction Filters

    Anyone use one of these, https://www.amsoil.ca/p/eaau/? I’m looking for opinions as I run a oiled filter on a CAI. Thinking about switching. Not seeing much out there on reviews. I like the fact they’re dry filters.
  6. How to obtain Chip Foose Autograph?

    Anyone know? I’d love it if I could get a small interior trim piece signed. Like if I sent him it and prepaid return postage. I don’t live in California nor get out to his neck of woods. And I got a couple Foose parts on the stang... think it would be neat. I’ve search a little around on Google...
  7. Do you have or Are you ordering:Tan Leather?

    Anyone ordering a premium with tan interior? I am a bit surprised the system isn’t allowing you to select the option with race red. It does with rapid red. I get why green & orange doesn’t work ;). Everything else seems to be game. poll included