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  1. Hot chicks like black wheels?

    Because who cares what seniors like ;-). Even though I am approaching senior land, with ARRP now sending me junk mail. What I care about is: 97% what I like, 2% what attractive women like, 1% what my friends like.
  2. GT350 Handling Pack Camber Plates

    Anyone seen these? How do they compare with aftermarket camber plates?
  3. Red Flag

    For me it is a red flag to take an oath to support and defend the constitution, and then proceed to attack and undermine the constitution. The various red flag laws & proposals may be the worst example of this. 1st amendment - "Congress shall make no law... abridging the freedom of speech..."...
  4. So what happened to STP?

    Just checking the rulebook and was surprised to see that STP had disappeared in the 2019 Solo rules. I don't remember seeing any comments/votes on it going away. What happened? The heavy promotion of CAM killed it off? Personally, I think that is a mistake. Open rules are fun at first, but...
  5. Socialism good or bad?

    After Bernie Sanders almost won the Democratic nomination in 2016, a lot more 2020 Democratic presidential candidates are either offering socialist plans or are actually calling themselves socialists. Supposedly, socialism is well regarded by the younger demographics. A couple of quick facts...
  6. Airbag warninglight bypass with aftermarket seats?

    Has anyone figured out the best way to get rid of the airbag warning light when running aftermarket (non airbag) seats? Like what resistance is it expecting, is it different for the passenger side vs driver side? Other tips?
  7. 2018 gearbox ratios

    Has anyone found a definitive answer for what the gear ratios are for the 2018 6 speed and 10 speed transmissions? Most of what I can find on the web is definitely wrong, as it carries over the 2015-2017 ratios.
  8. 2018 Performance Pack - A big step BACKWARDS

    2017 Performance pack - $2995 2018 Performance pack - $3995 Difference, performance rear wing vs spoiler delete and available on automatic cars. So did Ford look at the $6500 1LE package and say, hey we can charge more? Problem is that package has a lot more in it. Add $1695 MagneRide...
  9. Best 200TW for the TRACK

    So the RE-71R is the best 200TW tire for autocross. But I keep hearing rumors it does not last long for a powerful & heavy car on the track. Especially if it's hot. I live in the south, it's always hot. I was planning on BFG Rivals, but they seem to have stop making most of the Mustang...
  10. Talladega Track Day

    http://www.motorsportreg.com/index.cfm/event/event.requirements/uidEvent/25170D5F-02C8-F5A9-9BE9F56C8BD11928#.VvCecEec1LO About as cheap as it gets for real track time. Cheaper than autocross on a dollars per run time basis. And you don't have to stand in the sun for half a day working the...
  11. Proposed Solo Class STP(ony)

    Looks like SCCA is considering a dedicated Pony car Street Touring class - STP. See the recently released Fasttrack. Bad news, the 2015+ Mustang is not included and IRS cars are limited to 285mm tires (live axel cars are allowed 315mm). So write those letters now to allow the 2015 in, and...
  12. Extreme Performance Tires - Sizing

    I am sending out the following to the various tire manufactures requesting more tire options suitable for the Mustang s550. Feel free to copy and send it yourself, and maybe we can get enough requests to get some attention. Dear sir, As the owner and autocrosser of a new 2015 Mustang, I am...
  13. USB Audio

    Anyone know what file formats are supported for playing audio through the direct USB connection? Specifically, are any of the loss less formats supported?
  14. Aftermarket seats & mounts

    Anyone have any low, Recaro compatible mounts develioped yet? I am tall and would like to lower the seat a couple of inches so I can fit with a helmet (autocross this spring, maybe a track day later in the year). I was going to swap in a set of Evo 8 Recaros for the standard cloth seats.
  15. Autocross gearing

    So anyone got a contact at Ford that we can complain to about the lack of gearing options with the Performance Pack? The 3.73 may be good for drag racing and even road racing, but it is not so good for autocross. The standard 3.31 would be much better, and even the optional, but not optional...