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  1. ABS Paint?

    My trunk back wall is black ABS plastic with surface scratches. i want to paint it. What color do I get (from a refutable Supply Shop. With what product do I use to prep the surface? I figured one thin undercoat then a single finish coat? Help?!?!?!?
  2. Kansas Gone

  3. Fermata

    Anyone running videos from their phone (Android) to the car video screen. In the past I ran Fermata and had total freedom running mp4 videos on the car video screen. Anyone doing this? This $hit is well passed my pay grade and need help with this. (anyone in the KC metro???)
  4. How good is Royal Purple Oil?

    Going to change oil again soon. My neighbor asked me why I use Royal Purple Synthetic? I have been using Royal Purple for quite a few years. But, I couldn't remember why. Will someone help me with a good response?
  5. Ozark International MCA HPDE event

    https://ozarksinternationalraceway.com/event/mustang-club-of-america-2/ Some of the nicest vehicles were at last years event. There is also a car show you can sign up for if the track event is not for you. Either way sign up before they are all booked up. Learn or get better on this stunning...
  6. Need to start budget for 2024 summer tires

    Not a racing nor track car but still want something that will do the vehicle (and me) right. Looking at 265x35-20 rears and 255x35-20 fronts. Don't need anything extreme but decent value for $. Suggestions?
  7. splash guards/mud flaps

    Looking for suggestions please.
  8. 5000 grit and above

    Has anyone used 5000 grit and above sanding grit products? If so, how about some advice in using them, you know, tips and tricks etc?
  9. Download

    Trying to download 4U5T-14G422-CAM_1682463335000.TAR.GZ Is this download supposed to take a very long time to upload to my Mustang Gt?
  10. Headlamps

    Has anyone installed these headlamps? Opinions?
  11. Wanting to change theme

    Any experts out there? 2020 GT Premium. It has its own cd player.
  12. Headlamp housing tri-bar lighting

    Is there a way to upgrade the headlamp housing tri-bar lighting? While I'm at it, can I upgrade the headlamp LED?
  13. Heartland Park

    Heartland Park owner intends to close track if his appeal fails against Shawnee County. Apparently, he owes well over $2.6 million and is under an appeal. His appeal looks weak but a negotiated offer could overt the closing. The appellate case was argued in court on April 11, with a decision...
  14. Ozark Raceway

    I have a convertible so without a cage I can't enroll in an HPDE. btw, I have driven BMW Z4's, M3 and an M6 on various Midwest tracks. I went to the newer Ozark Raceway track the Mustang Club of America sponsored couple of weekends ago. I witnessed many Shelby's, 350, 350's 350r's 500 and...
  15. Gloss Meter?

    Anyone have experience with a gloss meter?
  16. Caliper redo

    Upgraded to Brembo front brakes last year. Didn't and still don't like the "Brembo orange" color they used to paint the logo on the side of the caliper. So I ordered decals, thoroughly cleaned the caliper faces with IPA, sanded with 1000 then 2000 grit sandpaper. I used Rapid Red spray paint I...
  17. Added New Tune....what should I do next?

    Bought and installed (quite painless) a Bama Rev-X Tuner by SCT. Throttle response is much more reactive which is very nice. Although I belong to a local Mustang club they members are more interested in the 60's and 70's Mustangs than my S550. Question is, what do I do next? I have eliminated...
  18. Car Warranty Protection Law

    What is the name of this law? The one that covers the car even though a mod was added etc.
  19. Gloss Meter?

    Anyone have one? Amazon has one (unavailable at the moment) for $99, any opinions?
  20. Who has added an amp (sub or main)?

    How did you power the amp? In other words, what and where did you connect the + power?