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  1. My Custom Audio Build

    I drilled a hole on the passenger side of the trunk using a nut and a bolt to secure the ground. Ive since sent to air-ride and moved the ground to the drivers side. Ill see if I have any pics.
  2. Starting to plan my build, looking for feedback

    The Maximos are my favorite entry level speaker, very smooth not harsh at all! Great choice! A DSP is never required, however the benefits do outweigh the negatives so it is always a solid addition. The popular DSPs right now are the new Zapco, Helix, and the MiniDSP 6X8. Adding external...
  3. 2017 GT IB Audio build

    I will be doing some custom baffles and remaking the front lower part of the panel. that likely wont happen until winter though.
  4. Do you have audio questions?

    As @Cathul mentioned, it works just not near as well as the OEM.
  5. Do you have audio questions?

    I'm Currently just using a Metra kit with an older Kenwood DNN-9255 nav multimedia unit. However my last few vehicles used an iPad for the main source so once my main install is done I will be doing an Ipad Mini. Focals are nice when tuned, I have some K2s and Access components laying around...
  6. 2017 GT IB Audio build

    Its time I start my audio build, this will be mostly focused on Sound Quality competition, and will be a lengthy process. Head unit - Kenwood DNX-9225 Processor - Zapco DSP6 Amplifiers 2x Zapco Reference 360.4 2x Zapco Reference 500.1 Speakers Melodic Acoustics 8" Mid bass Focal K2 tweeter...
  7. Do you have audio questions?

    Im not absolutely positive, I believe around $800 for the nav units $500-$600 for the non nav. That should include the bezel, screen, and apim. You will however need to source an XM and Sat nav antenna if you go with a nav unit. Other options are the Chinese radios (Raxiom, Tesla style) Ive...
  8. Do you have audio questions?

    Metra and Scosche both offer a dash kit to replace the radio if you wanted to go that direction. you can also do one of the many variations of the tomtop replacement, or swap to teh SYNC 3 MFT and associated components without needing to worry about the OEM EQ and Crossover.
  9. Illinois-Chicago

    Anyone here cruising down to Mustang Week? We have a group of 12ish cars heading down from IL on Sat if you are looking for a group to cruise with.
  10. Good stereo installer in north LA?

    Where abouts are you and how far are you willing to drive?
  11. Do you have audio questions?

    You will need to run a power wire from the battery to the amplifier, and add a ground for the amp. The OEM signal wire and remote turn on wire can be used but they will need to be activated. To gain signal you have a couple options. Option 1 Connect a device such as the LC2i to the rear...
  12. Do you have audio questions?

    You will need to run a +12 power cable from the battery, your signal for RCA, remote turn on and Ground can all be done in the trunk. An amplifier wiring kit, RCA cables, amplifier, enclosure, and woofer are the main things needed. Being a premium car you will need a way to get a full range...
  13. Do you have audio questions?

    Sorry all, Ive been away for a while. I however have been getting quite a few PMs that Ive been answering. I will start funneling through the thread tonight.
  14. Illinois-Chicago

    Who is all hitting Mustang Week? We have a few spots in our condo available if anyone needs a place to crash. $200 for the week but you will probably need an air mattress. If your going down I know we are planning to roll deep if you want to caravan!
  15. Illinois-Chicago

    I'm having a few guys out for a track day at Byron on the 30th. Anyon interested in showing up just let me know.
  16. Cleaning black exhaust tips

    I use Adams Green Wheel Cleaner on my black tips.
  17. Illinois-Chicago

    Is anyone heading down to Rantoul for the No Fly Zone 1/2 mile races on the 16th?
  18. Full Steeda Adjustable suspension

    Great price! For anyone questioning this consists of Part numbers 555 4445 and 555 2119
  19. Did anyone ever do a Perf Pack 2 vs 1LE test?

    My thoughts exactly!