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  1. Predator goes out in style for the GT500

    Shipped over to Wisconsin. Cannot confirm nor deny it staying in the badger state though.
  2. I am looking st this 2018 gt350 Kia of Riverdale, NJ, anyone know it???

    i rarely say this but if that’s your aim but a new Mach1. It’s going to take care of you and then some. If after some events, you get the whipple itch, the motor is more FI friendly than that of the voodoo.
  3. Whipple GT no more M5

    Well after a sippn a lil shine I’ve been able to decipher @MrScobbles. Which leads to be being able to say, welcome to the mustang club. Hope you’re able to stick round :)
  4. Mach 1 Calipers

    People paint their calipers all the time. Go for it.
  5. Prices are on the rise......

    BaT has gained a bit of reputations over the last year or so of getting some whales in to bid. Really if you have something newer such as a R. Rather take the risk of BAT and their 5% sale fee (don’t have to payor transport either) vs Barrett Jackson where you would (unless your local) 8%. Plus...
  6. Mustang Performance Install Shops in MN

    https://mohsperformance.com/ Can personally vouch for Moh and his state of the art facility.
  7. It May Be Time To Start Modding

    Just going to put out some friendly notion from the “other side of the aisle” based upon where you said (paraphrasing) …you’re build is a) still very vague b) more focused on trying to do it "right" as opposed c) not aiming for a horsepower number If it were “I” id probably hold off and zone...
  8. So a Twister Orange GT is a PoPo magnet for sure!

    yup. Funny older i get worse my hearing & the more quite I prefer my exhaust…not sure how that pans out Ahahaha.
  9. Florida seeks to make street takeovers, car stunts illegal

    Where are all the challengers and chargers suppose to “show off” now?
  10. So a Twister Orange GT is a PoPo magnet for sure!

    maybe, maybe not. I know a mustang isn’t a exotic but if I’m driving one of mine, I’ve more times than not either a) gotten pulled over because they want to talk cars b) flashed and I look over to see a wave or them smiling ear to ear. :) overall if you’re not doing anything to give reason, no...
  11. So a Twister Orange GT is a PoPo magnet for sure!

    Thread solidifies why I admired bold colors but choose to drive boring colors.
  12. Delete spare tire/wheel?

    Delete it (remove it)… coat the inner well & turn i into a ice box. You’ll be very popular at car events and it’s practical too :)
  13. Why does everyone else drive like a pos bc we have stangs?

    It’s always Audi or BMW drivers…. Or if I have the family with me I get egged. It’s like hello…. Read the room or rather view the cargo lol. Big 10-No from me even if I was alone. Roads are too busy & too many unknowns.
  14. 30,000 Mile, No Catch Can Report

    in a nutshell I will add its”cheap” piece of mind. But factor in the average mustang owner won’t own the car long enough for this to be a common concern.
  15. CJ Pony Parts Rant

    AM has done pricing errors on their site & if ordered, will cancelled your order. Then takes 2 weeks to be refunded. Wish it was rare, happens a few times over multiple items.
  16. Craziest Mustang Paint Job?

    Call me old fashioned but I’m just a fan of a wrap (single colors).
  17. Did you buy your mustang for a collector car

    This 100%. Maybe roush Saleen Shelby will be “Collectable” but no one currently at driving age today or older will be driving if and when it does happen. So in the meantime, have fun and make it your own. :)
  18. Bought a set of Brembo Takes Offs

    Lots of threads on (search bar) it but in terms of lay out of choice this flows pretty well: Read. In terms of flow Thread best wishes :)
  19. Top (3) Pre-Purchase Inspection Items

    i said what I said as the OP was looking for anything (advice) as he/she could submit a few special requests (compression test would fall under this, I’d assume to think) in post #4 you did say there’s no need to i am not the one buying a car and all I’m saying is it’s better to be safe than...
  20. Top (3) Pre-Purchase Inspection Items

    I don’t know why you kept getting hung on on certain parts. If you get a bit picky dealer yes it’ll be hassle. Could it still go thru? Sure, but your last few posts have a lot of variables that need to be met or not be met. It’s always better to errror on the side of caution.l than not. It’s not...