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  1. 2015 FPRS Mustang GT 285s

    Thanks. That's the answer I was looking for.
  2. Best DR in the rain?

    Which drag radial is less likely to hydroplane?
  3. Where are your next events?

    Was planning for Cinco de COTA. Knee surgery yesterday killed funds.
  4. Ford Camber Bolts

    Anyone have the part number for the Ford camber bolts that require slotting the strut? Rather not use the undersized bolts.
  5. TrackSpec S550 Hood Vents

    What upper grille?
  6. Make your Roush quad exhaust "active", on the cheap!

    is there a wired version? I don't want to deal with an other key fob.
  7. Quiet straight through muffler?

    I figure I can add bullets if it gets too loud.
  8. Quiet straight through muffler?

    Sounds great. With my H-pipe I think they will deliver what I'm looking for. And what a great price.
  9. Aero with and without a square wheel setup ??

    Did you try simple spring kits before going to coilovers? If so which ones worked best for you?
  10. Quiet straight through muffler?

    What's the quietest straight through muffler for these cars? Have H-pipe with stock mufflers. Don't want it much louder. Going with LT's later.
  11. Battery Relocation

    Do the terminals stick up higher than the foam? Is the bolt that hold down the foam good enough to ground the battery? Thanks
  12. MAch1 Tease...at Chicago...

    Why? It only makes sense to do it for 2019. Don't expect to see anything until spring.
  13. MAGNETIC S550 MUSTANG Thread

    Stopped for lunch on the way home. Wife's Colorado Trail Boss.
  14. Pictures in Race Mode!!

    Nice! What spoiler, wing, and tires?
  15. Shaker™ Pro Audio System vs. Premium 9 Speaker System

    Are the left and right rear speakers supposed to be different?